8bar Team. Preparing a big season

When we talk about 8bar, we are talking about a consolidated and known brand in the fixed gear scene. Although its adventure began in 2011, its product was based on a urban-minded product born from the core of Berlin, now its brand portfolio includes all types of components, complete fixed gear bikes customized, framesets of CX or road, so on one word: CUSTOMIZATION, a pillar for the brand, which underpinned by its own configurator and components, will make each 8bar a unique bicycle…

But if something heat up inside 8bar is the competition; in its brand DNA is it written. We think that one of the keys to the success of the Germans was bet from the beginning by the promotion of their products in the criteriums which began to proliferate in Europe. Since its beginning, the founder showed that good legs and frameset would bring to talk about them, simply an inevitable consequence.

Focus then on the competition. For this season 8bar has decided to bet strong for its racing team. It has added new members to the team, enhancing both parts women and men, they use for the first time new frameset and for the equipment they have made a very important collaboration with Adidas. The official presentation of the team was during the Rad Race Fixed42 World Championship which was held on May 31 in Berlin where these team changes already gave their first good results:


  • 2nd Tim Ceresa
  • 9th Paul Stubert
  • 11th Maxe Faschina


  • 1th Christin Klepsch


  • 1th 8bar Team

2015 seems to be the year of the team consolidation; searching good results in criteriums as Red Hook, the Rad Race or National Moutarde Crit of Dijon, become the main goal of the team for this year.

As for the RHC London, its first year, are expected to be represented by riders Tim Ceresa, Paul Stubert, Maxe Faschina, Sebi Koerber and Christin Klepsch. They do not forget Spain, where they landed in Gijon 2012 and since then they haven’t failed its annual event and repeat Kantoikrit and Oñati.