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Berlin, the raw cycling scene

It’s been a few days since our return from Berlin, but even today, when we remember what fun we had, it’s inevitable not to have w smile on our face.

Our friend and colleague Paul made ​​a chronicle of the days we were there and we thought it would be good idea to share for those who may be interested. We also made ​​a list and a map for me to let us see anything.


You can tell when you get to Berlin you feel that pure scene of urban cycling, wherever you look bikes are coming and going  it makes you envy any city in the world.

Our first stop was Alexander Platz, is like the Km 0 for any tourist from there you can go anywhere, we headed to what would be our home for the next 4 days The HEART OF GOLD HOSTEL, a highly recommended hostel, good location, good atmosphere and very good treatment. We checked in and went directly to the adventure .

We had heard of a Bicycle coffee shop called STANDER, really well-known in Berlin. We left our stuff and went straight there. When we arrived we met Max, the owner of the shop, a type super attentive and fun guy. While we explained to Max that came from Barcelona,we told him about our project and we were here to cover the Fixed Days event, and then joined our conversation a very stylish guy who also was there. Max quickly introduced us, his name was Marco and he told us that he had been in Barcelona for the RHC and loved our city, and he was in love with urban cycling. The conversation continued and we realized that we were with one of the eminence on the fixed culture, one of the founders of FXDPELOTON. He explained to us how the fixed gear movement in Berlin and I must admit that we were surprised with all the projects that they were doing. After 40 minutes of chatting we had to meet up with the rest of the team arriving from Barcelona. Once we were all together, we get carried away by the Berlin night life that seemed that it was never going to end.


The next day, having slept a hole lot, we went to get our fixed gear bikes to a store that we had located from home where we could get some rental bikes. When we got to the store HELLO WORLD BERLIN Sdoe attended us, he asked us to wait about ten minutes to finish up with the other clients who were before us, and sense the service is extremely personalized and has a very particular schedule (from 10:00 to 13:00 h.) so one of the conditions was to book a day in advance. We let those ten minutes in a coffee shop next door to the rental shop where they make some great coffee, when Sdoen came for us took us to the store and showed us lots of vintage bikes super maintained (many of them fixed gear) that would make more that one person go crazy for. He gave us some Kryptonite, Bern helmets, lights, mini air pump, tubes and all the tools necessary in case we had an accident. We marked on a map the major points of the city to visit by bike and lots of tips were we could go have fun. It is certainly the best shop Rent Bike I know and the staff treated us excellently good. If you go to Berlin, and you don’t have how to move throughout the city and you want to feel at home  this is your place.

At the Days Fixed and leveraging that Friday was only accessible to riders and press, we toured the grounds. In the environment could be perceived that this event was going to be super great. That same day the tournament began bikepolo, he held a competition sprints and the first workouts in Minidrome. In addition the operators didn’t stop working of the BMX, Dirt Jump, Trail, Pump Truck, etc. activities for every taste.

After the show we went straight to the center for dinner comment on the day and have some laugh. The few that still had still had some energy left in us, we went to discover a little more about the Berlin night life and ended up at the White Trash, a place that you can’t miss. They charge you to get in but it’s worth it.


The night went on longer than what we wanted and in the end, pasted on the night to welcome the next day. We slept a few hours and went directly to the fairgrounds again.

When we arrived, we saw the Berliner Fahrradschau had come alive with lots of brand stands featuring their products, displays of all types, races and how well everything fit in. Than came the moment of truth, when RAD RACE started. The first edition of this chain of races held in the Berlin- Kart indoor karting located in the south – east of the city and a crazy course. There were about 120 riders, a lot of spectators and an incredible atmosphere. After a few laps at the track layout to recognize, began the qualifying rounds  Lap by lap went completing the first eliminations and tricks bikes got more of a scare at positions thanks to aggressive driving that allowed them to slip through any gap . As the end drew near the atmosphere started to warm up, people were super excited from the race. Oriol Cañizar, one of the team riders RAW Cycling Mag reached the semifinals after beating a number of riders.

In the end, the first since disputed the top eight riders and one of the surprises of the night was Mario Hernandez Mad City Rides and his “tricks” bike. The last few laps were to die for, the public would not stop cheering and it gave the riders every ounce of effort. Mario got a deserved second place and the winner was The Last Man Standing 8 bar Max Baginski team bikes and girls category, Rei Mianzi form Schindelhauer Bikes.It was time for the awards and, of course, the big party.

We have to say that the organization throughout the race was a ten, They didn’t miss a single detail. Bravo!


The last day was somewhat harder , many of us already accumulated a few hours without sleep and still hungover. During the day we were going a little deeper into the stands, meeting interesting people, making new contacts and enjoy the latest evidence.The event was coming to an end and we opted to finish Sunday night refuge in the hostel bar, accompanied by Rolling Stones in the background and a few cold beers to end of a good adventure that will surely repeat soon.

So Berlin, thanks for the good times! The good people what we have met Max STANDERT, Marco FXDPELOTON, Sdoen (for giving us a good bike and all your good advice and good vibes) and Max HELLO WORLD BERLIN, Mianzi Rei (thanks for all your support Raw Cycling Mag) to 8 bar and RAD RACE .

And especially thanks to all the team RAW CYCLING MAG and SANTA FIXIE for making this trip possible a step in the encounter with the Urban Cycling.

See you soon,