Connor. Travel, cycling and photography

Travelling around the world, meeting people along the way, getting rad things following his passions, Travel, Cycling and Photography. This is Connor Mckenzie, a kind of modern traveller and explorer, maybe he’ll tell you that he’s a shoddy photographer or stuff like that but we think he’s just a young guy with something to say and his photos represents in full HD, the “privileged perspective” of a avid cyclist the world of fixed gear and the magic that makes it so different to the other kind of cyclism..


My names Connor. I am bike messenger based out in Perth, Australia. I also take photos from time to time.

2. Bikes

For me, it’s simply about having fun.

Your bikes?

Damn, how do I talk about this without sounding like an asshole.

I’ll start with my Dosnoventa Oslo as it’s currently my main, which I may or not be using for work…It feels so wrong but when you have such a fun bike you can’t help but want to ride it every day.

My Bianchi Super Pista, I’ve built it up for sooo many purposes: work, travel, and I’m now trying to build it up for track. It’s kind of my all rounder which I can always rely on.

I also had a Leader Kagero (R.I.P.) which I got in Japan from Brotures out in Harajuku. That was my main travel bike for a long time and had a lot of sentimental value. It recently got stolen which is pretty shit.

I have a bunch of frames lying around but nothing worth mentioning.

3. Travels

It started out with just travelling and riding being separate things. But whenever I went somewhere I’d be kicking myself that I didn’t bring my bike because I felt exploring by foot and public transport limited me so much.

The addition of the camera was just a natural progression of trying to catch memories and share with friends, family, who ever. It’s grown into a passion now but I am very aware of how much more I have to learn.

Of course when you start travelling with your bike you start leaning towards more cycling oriented things or events and you hook up with more like minded people. With the RHC, it’s now an event which you could follow almost across the world where I know I have friends from all different countries all flying in that I can go get wild with in some foreign city.

One guy, one bike, one camera. It’s the most convenient but definitely something you have to think about thoroughly. You can’t fuck up and go “oh shit I should have brought this instead” once you get on that plane you’ve locked in the gear you bring. I still mess this up constantly but the challenges it creates can be a lot of fun like riding off road on 90mm carbon rims or shooting with 10% battery and no space left on your SD card.

Crazy situations. Fuck off the top of my head.

I once got lost around the Golden Gate Bridge in SF and had to jump a fence which resulted in my ripping my pants and riding with my ass out all the way home and with the hills out there you can’t really sit in the saddle for too long.

I was also “kidnapped” by Buddhists in Tokyo one time.. They still send me emails, ha.

4. Places

San Francisco, that goes without saying.

I met so many dudes just rolling around aimlessly.

But I’d have to say London may be my favourite. I have two real strong memories of riding around London. The first being bombing along a random tunnel which I think is near Hyde park (ask Duke @ekuduke) and the second being Richmond park. That place hits home for me on so many levels.

The place you’d love to stay if you can?!

Japan but realistically London.

5. Friends

Friends at the end of day are my driving force to travel so much. You meet these dudes from every corner of the world that inspire you so much. You hang for a week, maybe two, fuck sometimes even a day just adventuring and riding together and then you split. You don’t know when (or where) you’ll see each other again. It forms this weird bond that is unattainable with the people you kick with back home. It’s definitely a special thing.

6. Photography

It needs work. I’m still trying to find my way.

I’m a very unorganised person when it comes to cataloguing my pictures. There is a lot missing from those two galleries. I should probably get more serious about my presentation of things. 

7. Two favourites photos of your trips to…

New York

The first it was during the last few laps of the Red Hook, the weather was gnarly, it was super hard to be out there photographing the entire race even with my rad AssSaver poncho get-up. I couldn’t imagine the concentration needed to be able to race through that. The rain was fucking stupid.

The second. This was taken in Brooklyn Roasting Company which ended up being the kind of meeting up point my entire time I was in NY. This photo for me just brings back strong vibes of just hanging out with good dudes. I dont know. ahaha.


First day in Barcelona, and a new bike day. Explanation enough, right?

Larz is a sexy mother fucker, beyond that, if you’re looking for two role models look no further than Larz and the man stripping him, Andrea.

8. A sentence that represents your passion for bikes and cycling

Good company and nice bikes + any type of camera not attached to a phone

9. Thanks to…

Everyone. You’re all my favourite.