Gasser brothers

There are good videos, others who dislike, some just don’t come off, and others, just leave you speechless. So, the Gasser Brothers projects, which we are used to see tend to leave you speechless. This kind of videos that you see over and over again, and you not get tired of doing so.

In their last video, in collaboration with Dosnoventa, they did an incredible job; spectacular sound, impeccable image, and an assertive editing that all together with the landscapes through which pass off the adventure, the result could not be better.

Gasser’s brothers, who are they?

We are Fabio and Marco Gasser, twin brothers from Switzerland and currently we are living in Barcelona and working together in the audiovisual sector as filmmakers.

Tell us a bit about your beginnings…

There has always been an interest for Art, graphic, musical or audiovisual form. But, in the beginning, we had no thought end up working in the sector of video/filmmaking. While one (Marco) was studying graphic design, the other (Fabio) was forming as a sound engineer.

In fact, all started as a hobby, but after a certain time we realized that this was our thing. Both finished our respective studies, then the video went on to occupy the first position, and even Fabio studied photography management for film.

The fact to study design and sound was useful for us, because both sectors are very well complemented by the video. In the end, a video is a combination of image, sound and design.

How and when start your relationship with Dosnoventa? 

It was thanks to Xavi Trilla (one of the filmmakers who, in those days, were in charge of recording the videos of Fixed Soldiers), we come into contact with Dosnoventa.

In February 2012, we had the opportunity to work together with Xavi and other colleagues for making the video of the Dosnoventa’s launch party. Since then, we have had a close relationship with the brand, which has led us to perform various jobs, such as DSNV at Red Hook Crit Milan (2012), Dosnoventa Headquarters Opening (2013), DSNV Runs Gijón (2014) and the DSNV at Red Hook Crit London (2015).

 What can you tell us about DSNV Runs West Coast? How was the experience of recording there? How do you perform a video like this?

The proposal of going to record a “DSNV Runs” in California and Nevada, was obviously very motivating. After several meetings with the guys from Dosnoventa, we all knew that this trip would be different from those who had been made to this date, because the idea was not to visit only one city, otherwise organize a road trip (American style) and visit different places throughout the West Coast.

Knowing that we were going to find very different places throughout the travel, we opted to make a video that reflects the essence of each of the sites that we would visit but at the same time, keep the key aspects of the DSNV Runs format (riding, buddy, lifestyle, etc.).

Cross all the West Coast in two weeks left us with an average of only two or three days of visit by place. For that reason, teamwork between all the members of the trip was a key aspect to take maximum advantage of the available recording time.

Also we should mention, that the prior planning of locations, times, distances, etc. was a great help to win time. Even so, if you go with the duties of planning acts, this type of video is very much based on improvisation and surprises that you find along the way. As a filmmaker, you have to think fast, take instantaneous decisions, and know what you are going to need to minimize unforeseen at the time of editing.

At editing level, the review of all the material helps you to have a general idea of what you have in hand. The Edition is very similar to a puzzle, in which you have to fit the pieces, both visual and sound, to give continuity and shape to the video.

Which type of material do you tend to work?

The material is always adjusted according to the needs and characteristics of a specific project. In the case of West Coast Dosnoventa Runs, the material had to be lightweight, easy to handle, and generate files of high quality with a minimum size to facilitate workflow.

Our equipment was composed of two cameras Sony A7s, a complete set of Samyang Rokinon lens, a tripod, a Glidecam, a monopod, a GoPro Hero 4, a Macbook PRO, and 3 hard drives to have multiple safety copies of the material.

Tell us about some other jobs in which you are working on or projects for the future…

We currently have several projects in hand. From one hand, we are working on a reel that will include professional projects and unpublished personal material of several trips done in the last years.

On the other hand, we are at the stage of pre-production of a short film directed by a close friend, in which Fabio will be responsible for the direction of photography.

And, finally, we have plans with the guys from Dosnoventa to make a video in a remote area of Asia.