La Purito. Much more than a simple non-competitive race

Today there are a large number of cycle-tourists, many of them known for their long distance, its hardness or, in the best case, the beauty of the landscapes through which passes the route.

If there is a reason why La Purito is classified as the toughest in Europe, it’s by its 145 kilometers (90 miles) and 5,200 meters of positive gradient of its most extreme track. A route that passes through the mountain passes like Coll de Beixalis, Coll de Ordino, Alt de la Rabassa, Coll de la Gallina, Alt de la Comella and Els Cortals d ‘Encamp, where is located the finish line.

When our Oakley’s friends, official partners of this cycle-tourist, proposed us to participate in La Purito 2016 we accepted the challenge without doubt.

Some of us already had “enjoyed” in the previous edition completing its version of 80 km (49 miles) and 3,500 meter positive gradient, and we knew that this time would not be less complicated.

We rationed out in each climb, managing very well the strength to finish and having very present the mountain passes of La Gallina and Cortals d’Encamp undoubtedly two of the most important, one for its hardness and the other one is the last and you usually are in the limit.

The forecast was fulfilled and after 8 hours of inhuman suffering on the bike we managed to cross the finish line with a mixture of feelings between happiness, satisfaction and exhaustion. An impressive and painful experience by equal, if you manage to complete it’s really worth it.

In addition to its route, La Purito is also a great cycle-tourist for the great organization, excellent Refreshments, and the participation of all the volunteers who care at all times of the riders.

Thank all the brands that support events like this, especially Oakley, for giving us the opportunity to participate in it.