Things you shouldn’t miss in Berlin

(Invalidenstraße 157, 10115 Berlín)

Standert the Urban bicycle, located in down town Berlin, is the perfect blend of quality cafe and bike shop of your dreams. Of all the services and products they offer, has an exhibition of paintings own steel production inspired by the geometries of bike track / road 70/80’s; besides all this, they are distributors of major brand Colossi a dialog that provides high quality and well-crafted finishes.

(Pappelallee 10, 10437 Berlín)

A bike rental shop and vintage fixed-gear bikes. From the moment you walk in you breathe hello world cycling culture and Berlin culture. In the small reception you can admire amazing models bicycle track from the 80’s. The deal is excellent, professional and friendly, not limited to a lease, give advice / recommendations and some secrets the city that always goes well on know.

(Oberbaumstraße 5, 10997 Berlin)

The Keirin Bar is more than a local legend, a place you can not miss on the agenda of passionate bike / fixed gear. Opened in 2004 by Gary Mortimer and two bike messenger having the great success of opening a local shop / workshop / coffee. The idea was a success and, in fact, after what remains and is probably one of the best-known Berlin stores. The visit is highly recommended!

(Schönfließer Straße 19,10439 Berlín)

Probably any passionate biker has this in a corner of your mind what may have been a bicycle shop track / road kite in the 70’s. Offer an impressive variety of products, starting with pictures of glorious classic brands like Casati, Colnago, Cinelli, Massi, Paletti, Somec, Pinnarello; Campagnolo accessories, Ambrosio and part of the store devoted to technical clothing and accessories for the rider. As if that were not enough, they also have their own line of steel frames. It’s amazing.

(Wrangelstraße 18, 10997 Berlín)

8 bar, possibly the most international German brand, recently released in early April its renovated showroom. In this place we can find the latest models of the brand, components and, of course, the only models that have been made as ‘federleicht’ bike in collaboration with UCON. If you can, do not miss this visit.

(Hagelbergerstr. 18, 10965 Berlín)

As the name reveals, is presented as the more extreme brand of punk and the Berlin scene. Aesthetics, starting with frames and Merchandising, is hard and very pure! Geometries and a killer street style that perfectly represents and identifies the most rebellious part of Berlin.

(Weidenweg, 63, 10247 Berlín)

If you like classic road bikes, no doubt, Vintage Steel Bikes is what you seek. The new showroom in Berlin (the former headquarters was in Freiburg) can find vintage bicycles (1950/1990) restored and in perfect condition. Brands like Eddie Merckx, Rosa, Gios, Basso Battaglin, F.Moser, Vicini, Somec, Colnago, Ciocc, Gazzelle, etc.. is amazing the amount and quality of restored bikes present in this shop. Besides physical store also have a very good website where you can do your shopping online.

(Plesser Straße 2, 12435 Berlín)

Goldsprint Berlin is the typical store where you can ride the bike of your dreams, especially if you’re a fan of bikes fixed gear / track “new generation”. They offer all the best we can find in the market today in terms of framesets and components.

(Tempelhof, Berlin)

An old military airport into the city, now converted into a park open to the public, that many tourists overlook and think it’s highly recommended to visit. You can cycle through the endless runways, passing near the hangars and even see the occasional airplane.

Berlin - Things you shouldn't miss in Berlin



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