New York’s Monster Track XV

The New York’s Monster Track this year celebrates its XV edition, a alleycat that more than just a race, it’s a legend among the fixed culture.

Certainly, in the scope of ​​New York bike messengers, is the most important and prestigious event, is like compare it to a Champions League final or Superbowl.

This event weekend took place from 13th to 16th March, with Goldsprint and karaoke party on Friday, and career Monstertrack XV afterparty on Saturday, and a meeting on Sunday 16th at Velocity Velodrome.

As in previous editions, it was a perfect opportunity for the messengers of New York and of many corners of the world can meet these three holidays and madness in the streets of this amazing city. Fixed and holidays, an infallible formula.

Among the more than 200 participants attended the event in Tompkins Square, New York’s Cooper Ray, bike messenger and rider of the RHC, managed to grab this year’s Monstertrack. In the women, the victory went to Hannah Todd, in a career that voice brokers thereof has been memorable for intensity and emotions.

Another successful alleycat race that everyone wants to participate, which is by definition the alleycat.

Official poster (by Greg Ugalde):

Monster Track XV - Poster by Greg Ugalde

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