NVAYRK TEAM: Peter Janak

Who’s Peter Janak?

I’m 29 born in Slovakia city (Martin) city surrounded by Mountains 25 km away where Peter Sagan was born and currently I live in London.

I left Slovakia when just when I turned 19, I used to play professional ice hockey.

Besides Ice Hockey and cycling I love spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends, traveling, hiking and snowboarding.

I think what stand best for me is that I’m sport freak (not the one in front of TV)

What’s passion for cycling for you?

Cycling is giving me freedom and best way to escape from stress. There isn’t better way of discovering new places in world than on bicycle (unless you keep looking at your GPS screen haha).

What does represent NVAYRK for you?

NVAYRK represent friendship, community of people from around the world sharing same passion. Cycling connects people around the world. Thanks to NVAYRK.

How did you get into fixed gear and NVAYRK team?

First time when I came to London 10 years ago I noticed weird bicycles around the town and I always wanted to have one so one day I just build my first fixed gear I found that something unique, amazing I always loved Adrenalin sports and this was the one (riding fast, one gear with no breaks through traffic in London).

I got to know NVAYRK I think year before it was created, I knew Beto our friend and Manager through social media few weeks before me and my team mate Federico went from London to Amsterdam on fixed gear bikes and Beto was already that time supporting us.

How did you train for criterium?

On first Red Hook Crit  to Barcelona I didn’t train as much on track as I should I basically trained once on track bike after year and a half break from track (fixed gear) and week and a half before race I did one challenge (my dream) on road bike to go home to Slovakia from London on road bicycle which was 1.768 km with 18.397m elevation gain, across 6 countries in 9 days (75hours) with one friend of mine Alessandro and day after we arrived to Slovakia I went to Barcelona for Red Hook which was not the smartest move first because I didn’t train on track for over year and second because I was exhausted from big ride so in qualifying in first lap I crashed.

For last Red Hook of this season in Milan I trained only on track bike with my team mate Federico and few other friends on our circuit in London.

 What’s your motto?

Never give up because everything is possible but be aware that part of that is a lot of suffer but it’s definitely worth it!

Thanks to…

Big thank you to Beto and NVAYRK for support also to my sponsors Duratec and CarbonSLR for amazing track bicycle which they customized for me. Also big thank you to Bryton Sport and CarbonSLR which supported me in my latest challenge this summer London (UK) to Martin (Slovakia).

Most importantly I want to thank to my girlfriend which always support me in every crazy idea I come up with and is always there for me and also to my parents and my sister for supporting me in everything I do in my life.