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Re-Discover. Explore the place where you live

Most of the time we are putting effort to travel far away, discover new places for cycling: endless roads, high mountains landscapes, or awesome single-tracks… but, sometimes, we forget the place where we live.

Re-Discover is a film made it by our friends from Blanco en Botella in collaboration with Orbea Bicycles, Endless Cycling, WTB and Miss Grape where they want to encourage you to explore your environment, those mountains that you visited with your parents when you were a child or that abandoned gravel road, close to your house, and that you have never tried.

In this short film, you are able to feel all these feelings when you are riding freedom thru nature, without maps, neither training plans…only you, your gravel bike and all this magic place for you.

Video by: Blanco en Botella
Photos by: Peninsula Work

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