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Rookies of the year: Ainara Elbusto

Rookie:  Anglo-Saxon term that describes a person in his or her first year of a sport, someone who is new to a profession, training or activity.

With the following interview to Ainara Elbusto, winner of the Red Hook Criterium 2014, we want to give way to a series of articles about the rookies of this year, those who began the season of criteriums in stealthy way and ended up giving us exciting racings beyond where they were.

Ainara is one of them. The young Navarran who until now has been focused on track and road competition, was invited by the Organization of the RHC for the second edition that was held in Barcelona during last August. She didn’t seem it as a bad idea so with the consent of his coach, she decided to participate.

A new discipline for her however, with her experience and her great form as a rider, she could reach the highest and win the 2014 RHC Series.

1. For those who know you, who is Ainara Elbusto?

I come from a family of cyclists; my father and one of my brothers both ran for many years. This was why I started on this beautiful sport from very little.

2. Red Hook Crit. Your interventions in Barcelona and Milan have surprised many people, no doubt, a great job. Can you tell us how was your experience?

In Barcelona I have been invited to RHC organization, I told it to my coach, and he encouraged me to participate. For me, except fixed gear bike which I use on the track, it was all new: running in a closed loop, with more racers and a bike with these peculiar features … On the other hand, I had never seen such crowds of people in a cycling event.

In Milan more of the same. We found a difficult situation after a crash during qualifying where I broke my wheels. In that moment of tension, many brand stores which were there, offered me the material to be able to run the final, the team appreciated a lot this gesture.

I would highlight the great organization that is in charge of the whole event turns out perfect.

3. The Team. What can you tell us about the “Reyno de Navarra – WRC” team?

It focuses mainly on track and road racing. We are eighteen women and eight men. In track we run in Spain and we have an international schedule that includes fifteen races which are three world cups and the rest are qualifying for them.

Héctor Rondan leads the team. He gets involved since young in the cycling world he became a good racer and now a great coach thanks to his wide experience.

Thanks to him this team goes ahead because he bones up on through thick and thin.

4. Cycling. How and when did you get into cycling? How do you usually train? What makes cycling a special sport for you?

I started with just 11 years old. The fondness comes from my family and I always like it.

Regarding the train, the time that I usually dedicate to cycling is between 2 and 5 a day, five days a week.

In this sport you have to spend a lot of time, I know this has forced me to give up a lot of things of people of my age, but cycling gives me great satisfactions and I think it makes me out the life in a different way.

5. The track. How would you define your relation with the velodrome?

I started testing the velodrome with 14 years old, in the beginning I practised all specialties, then they advised me to devote only to long-distance racing, and since then, here I am, glad to the change.

6. What discipline do you feel better? ¿Road, track, criterium? Which one do you have more fun?

All three are different. Roadside actions are slower and it forces you to think more about the strategy.

In the velodrome, if you think, you’re left behind.

And in the criterium I am not an expert because I’ve only run two races, but I think the decision and the skill take precedence.

7. A sentence that represents your passion for bikes and cycling.

When you practise seriously this sport you feel a great capacity for suffering and the fact of not give up at the first opportunity makes that daily problems become “smaller”.

8. Thanks to …

Thanks to Héctor for giving me support and all those who in some way or other, encourage me every day.

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