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Team Cinelli Chrome

There are stories that must be told and now did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you this, the four of Rockstar chasing a destiny in search of glory… Are you ready?

A team, mostly Italians, who have little in common but they are united by a common goal: get to realize a dream no matter what the obstacles. These people are like you and I and one day decided to attain the glory… The four Italian musketeers of the Team Cinelli Chrome Giorgio Vianini, Alessandro Bruzza, Paul Bravini, and Giovanni Luigi Bocchi.

Today they have wanted to tell his particular story, the different versions of each other but all addressed to the same end. A team made of personality, sweat and passion, forget numbers for them cycling is a lifestyle no matter how much of Likes they can represent social networks.

“I have made you a rockstars, Now is your time. To go for that which is yours. “ – Antonio Colombo, Cinelli


Sergio – Milano – Cinelli – Ciclimo. What relationship do these four words?

The relationship between these four words is easy and immediate, I move at liberty with speed through the streets of my city, with a bike that has its origins a few meters from my house. I started with a MTB and I have a great passion for cyclocross but the evolution of my desire of pedaling has led me to try new disciplines, and find other ways to live the bike, the effort and cycling; first with road bike and then with the great adventure that represent fixed-gear bikes.

Team Cinelli Santini and Team Cinelli Chrome. Where do you feel in your sauce?

Cinelli Santini Team It is a fantastic reality that allows me to share my passion and the desire to roll many kilometers with a strong and united group. Cinelli Santini Team it’s my dark side is adrenaline, is to challenge my limits, pedaling at full speed in the middle of completely crazy people. I’m comfortable with bothare complemented and reflect two sides of my passion for cycling. Sometimes I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.

And like Team Manager, how do you feel?

My position of Team Manager in the Cinelli Chrome Team has made me discover a new way to enjoy cycling and racing. Now I do not enjoy just for my personal results, I also enjoy for the results of my teammates and the team in general. Exactly one year ago Antonio Colombo phoned me when traveling to Barcelona, I ask me if I wanted to takes part in the creation of a new team, and honestly, I felt very honored that Antonio bet for me in a important proyect like this. Our opinion on how to form the team was not very different and has been quite easy to find the right formula.

A group with very competitive, fun-loving, with greater involvement possible, with the capacity to transmit the healthy values of the sport and, above all, that it were built by people who live cycling not only in terms of results, if not as pleasure and enjoyment. While talking about people.

People who are part of this project are most strange and unbelievable I know, each with their crazy, but always with great respect. The result is very similar to a circus group, each with their specialty, tamers, clowns, trainers, jugglers.


Means a lot to you, even wearing a tattoo that represents Milan and Cinelli. We are sure that this is accompanied by an interesting history. You can tell us?

Sure! I have come late to this discipline and how happens in movies, I arrived at the best possible time. Before I had practiced many years of road bike, it the time had come the time had come for me to quit andI felt a little disappointed and without stimuli. Then, one day I arrived to Milan alone and with eager to start a new proyect, I have met some “special” people and in a moment I am in love with this discipline.

From the beginning it has been a part of me, I’ve left everything to the set! I’ve studied, and I have thought, my way, I have “theorized”.I built my first bike, black, anonymous and with my dark uniform according with her I started to go to Italy one race to another looking for this.

I remember someone told me: There is a race that is the dream of these guys, if you do well you will do history.

I dreamed the Red Hook a lot of nights and I understood that I wanted a real team. A group of people who can commit and do great things. We are a great team, strong, independent, full of character and respect. I’ve been racing 20 years and I’ve never loved so much a team. I have come to Milan without anything, I fought a lot and what I have now is my dream come true. This is the reason for my tattoo. The drawing was done by Sam Turner of Genoa, a great professional.

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn #7. Possibly your best race until now?

The RHC of New York is something apart, everyone knows that is the most difficult and it’s a race to the limit. The weather has made a great race something “legendary” where strength does not count, only the courage. I am the first Italian to make a podium in a test of Red Hook and of this I am very proud, but I have to confess that night I cried… During the race fleeing with Thibaud, I must say I never met such a great effort, I surrendered just past the finish line.

Between happiness and sorrow I broke down and had to throw me to mourn. This is the part that almost never see in the sport. After a full year of workouts for a single moment of glory for just a moment and where luck plays an important role. At the end my story is very simple, all or nothing, maybe not chase wins but rather big dreams. When we started, the only ones believed in us were ourselves and a handful of friends who are always by our side. Now there are more media pressure, more attention and expectations, but we, ¡are still the same as always!

Someone said that the Americans were invincible, I am proud of what we have done together, especially because I have seen and known athletes from different nationalities and never stop learning from them and respect them.


Paolo, what can you tell us about the criteriums and Chrome Cinelli Team?

If I come here, it’s probably because of my desire to be part and protagonist in the landscape of a new sport and exciting as the urban criteriums in fixed gear. Somehow I feel a pioneer of the sport, it’s not just a matter of ego or vanity, I think this happens a little to everyone who carry 4 or 5 years on this.

In recent years, my dedication and my involvement on fixed-gear bikes have been total, but I sincerely believe that the best of all this is that it created connections and lifelong friendships with some riders in the competition. Meet people who have the same passion is very great and this is why partners or rivals are no longer simple runners to be people who make big dreams possible. Perhaps in small part is why I am in the Cinelli Chrome Team. We are not just a team, we are like a family.

To make a good team work you must be able to trust a 101% of who runs beside you and our strength is our friendship, which is the best weapon to get good results.

How far you want to go?

Who knows? I am confronted every race as if it were the most important of the season, I don’t leave in the background the criteriums less prestigious, on each test I let the skin and try to give 115% and put in evidence. After all, I’m in a great team and I am very, very hungry win … and certainly are not easy to obtain, even in those considered “small” races each time the level is higher and ¡the rivals more competitive!

How is the life of what we call rider always between a criterium and other?

It seems all great, all great, but in reality, it’s pretty hard. You can not relax after a race because you’re preparing another, and that I personally like. Live and “work” under pressure shows my best performance. Race between race you have to train well, and as I work is not easy. You have to take advantage of your spare time for training, many times I train at five in the morning or in the night like a illuminated Christmas tree (laughs). The logistics part is also a bit complicated. Sometimes in 24h we live all that can be the experience of a trip and a criterium, sometimes the distances are too great and the sacrifices too But what is clear, ¡Is always worth it!

That too is a team, share experiences and kilometers on the car to get to the races makes you closer and understand the people you have around you. You know trip after trip.

Everything I do and many of the things I’ve managed to achieve are possible also thanks to Silvia (my girlfriend) who supports me unconditionally and that also sacrifices that we could spend time together to let train and always accompanies me in all races. For this, I will always be eternally grateful.


Cinelli Chrome Team wants to be a “new Team Mash” in terms of results and attitude?

Cinelli Chrome Team born last about a year in the period of Red Hook Criterium of Barcelona, at that time I was running along with Ale and Paolo by the Cyckeln Team and Cinelli was planning to create a new team. In fact I think Mash is something very authentic and radical, of high levels and great athletes. It represents what the fixed gear in San Francisco, in the world, and in generally is a brand that defines trends. Chrome Cinelli Team is more a representation of the passion of the passion for pure and cycling, a team representing Italy, Milan and Cinelli. Thanks to the great work of Federico Stanzani has contributed with his experience in the creation of the team. In March, we were presented with this ambitious project at the headquarters of Cinelli and a few days later the other side of the world in NYC was presented to the media and fans.

Incredible! Four Italians and three Americans (one of them is Kelli). We have been very successful from the start. Do not think we’re the new Mash, our team is something that did not exist, we had to create and ¡now exists!

Your relationship as teammates…

In the group we are all equal, we all have to learn from each other, we have bikes and components almost identical (with some exceptions). Clearly, I, Alessandro, Paolo and Sergio we know each much better and we are very close, we are very good friends and we phone for the typical drivel among colleagues as “heart problems” or simply knowing of the other, but above all, for commenting trainings and results of road racing or cyclocross. Sometimes I wish you would not have so much distance to make some strong Training together.

As for the American “part” the team there is a lot of respect, Neil is “THE CHAMPION” absolute of this sport, I think I have not seen anybody rolling of the form that makes Alfred Bobe and Kelli, Kelli is amazing! And amazing too that’s how it has supported us in L.A. during our stage for the Civic Centre Crit of Wolfpack Hustle of this year.

¡I don’t know what more to tell you! Are some colleagues of team gorgeous and great friends!

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