Team Look Criterium official presentation

Look Team Criterium is one of the first great innovations of this year. The “transfer market” has decreed team changes for some of the best known and valid riders in the international Criterium panorama.

We contacted with François Février to know a little bit more about this new venture and, as happens in many cases, behind a project like this, we find a story, friendship and people who decide to smarten up and realize their purposes.

The Look Criterium team starts in September 2015 during the last Red Hook Crit Barcelona. As usual, I was eating a pasta dish with my friend Thibaud Lhenry between qualifying and the race and, suddenly, we were wondering: “why do we not race together in 2016?”

Although, increasingly, the world of fixed gear criteriums set be professionalized and many projects are carried out by powerful brands or entrepreneurs, some projects starting from the ideas of people continue to be born, for example: two friends that one day wonder, “why do we not create a team?”. Perhaps that is what the Red Hook nostalgic people most miss, the “old way”.

We have the same vision of the discipline and passion. Thibaud needs no introduction, it is a great rider. I had contact with my “partners” and we just though: we have everything to create a great project! And after some meetings and formalities, the Look Team Criterium was a reality.

The team is totally french speaking, as we said, all was born in Barcelona between François and Thibaud, and the third component of the team is another friend, Felix, brother’s Thibaud. Here are the three Musketeers of Look Criterium Team.

Thibaud is a known person and, above all, a great athlete in the fixed gear panorama. Only two years ago he won with great surprise the Red Hook Criterium Series and, without going any further, last year was basic in Team Cinelli Chrome, contributing in the conquest of the world championship by equipment.

Felix has begun last year to compete in fixed gear races, despite that, he’s a complete rider who competes for a long time ago in road and mountain bike. Technically he is impressive and this year will surely eager to prove his capabilities.

François is as well a part of the team and since two years he is a regular rider on fixed gear racing in Europe. He has experience, technique and dedication. A rider who enjoys cycling, giving all during the trainings to be competitive in the great circus of RHC. 

Our team has very strong partners like Look Cycle, Mavic Cycling, Conquerelite, Triangle SAS, Nikevision…

Finally we have Urban Fixie, from Lyon, an essential sponsor for us who supports us financially; without them it would not be possible to travel and have presence throughout the international circuit

A review of the bikes that will use the team:

  • Frameset Look AL464P with a custom design for each rider.
  • Carbon hub in the front wheel and Mavic Ellipse in the back, both wearing carbon hoops 60mm of profile, also by Mavic.
  • Components: Deda 35 handlebars, Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon FX saddle.
  • Elite Conquer RXL Cranckset 165mm.
  • Pedals Look Keo 2 MAX

The main objective of the team is undoubtedly enjoy, have fun and the experiences of each trip.

Our essence is our friendship and to enjoy the experience, travels, racings and fixed gear friends that we have wherever we go.

The fixed gear for us is a lifestyle and a family, this “state of mind” is very important and vital for this discipline. We are just a group of friends who want to have fun and give everything, and voila! It makes no sense get some goals, we are to give everything and this is the attitude.

Some dates already confirmed…

Complete the Red Hook Crit Series; in Europe be present in Rad Race racing, of course in the famous French National Moutarde Crit … and probably some other events which will arise during the year.

A motto…

“We move forward faster alone but farther with a group”.

I found some sponsors with these last two years I have had a very good experience and the relationship is very good and now counting with my friends, we are going to get very far. We are ready!

Thanks to…

Lookcycle, we love you. Thanks for all the Look team: Sebastien, Céline, Chloé. Huge thanks to Nico, Lookcycle designer, for the exclusive design of our frames.

Thanks to Mavic and thanks to the Director of the brand. Thanks to Guillaume, the Race Product Manager, for the wheel prototypes that he did. We have “le sang jaune” this year.

Thanks to Yann Zaccaro of Nikevision for his great job. An excellence guy.

A big, big thanks to William of Triangle SAS for being behind this project.

Thank you very much to Dedaelementi and Selle San Marco.

Thanks to Conquer Elite for sponsorship. 2016 will be a great season.

Thanks to Flo of Urban Fixie, without all of them, none of this would be possible.

Thanks to all those who follow us and believe in us.

Thanks also to all event organizers to give 200% in every race creating magical moments, thinking of David Trimble who is working hard to prepare all season and Maxime Poisson who dedicate much of his time creating something amazing as is the National Moutarde Crit.

Of course, thanks to RAW Cycling Magazine for this great article!

We wish you a good season, be ready!