Tibidabo Hill Climb Vol.II

Feel the wind hits your chest, rain soaks your body, go to your limit, fight your mind and avoid any thought of throwing in the towel and don’t think about what it remains otherwise all what you have already done, focus on keep pedaling, clenching your teeth to draw strength from where there is none, overcome the last meters and finally reach the summit and outmanoeuvre the mountain.


The second edition of Tibidabo Hill Climb, held last weekend in Barcelona, ​​has done justice to its slogan “The Barcelona’s hardest uphill time trial” and despite the hardness of the race and bad weather, end up as one of the best races of the year in Barcelona.

The race had an attendance of 72 riders from a total of 110 enrolled. Among those present, people from Girona, Madrid, France, London and a bunch of brave people from Barcelona and outskirts, who wanted to forget the rain awhile, take the bike and throw down the gauntlet to the timer.

The main target of THC is the fixed gear however due to high demand in the first edition, this year we decided to include a new category (FREERIDE) in which it was allowed to participate with any bike. Which was the result? A great success. People responded very well and we had the opportunity to see riders with folding bikes, tandems, road bikes, MTB, hand bikes, etc. A real bike feast.

Regarding the other categories, there was a high level. The girls, bit by bit are encouraging to take part and this year we had more registered. And the categories Medium and Ultra had top riders from other disciplines who didn’t want to miss this incredible event.

Among the suffering of the riders, the demand of the race, and bad weather, all combined made Saturday morning into something epic.


# Apellidos Nombre Categoría Dorsal Tiempo
1 Zugasti Arrese Ibon Ultra 27 0:12:06
2 Moltó Revilla Pau Ultra 18 0:12:53
3 Bou Martin Roberto Ultra 14 0:12:55

# Apellidos Nombre Categoría Dorsal Tiempo
1 Sanz de Mesa Albert Medium 111 0:14:24
2 Puig Amiel Marc Medium 123 0:14:46
3 Albarral López Isaac Medium 116 0:15:52

# Apellidos Nombre Categoría Dorsal Tiempo
1 Jordà Pascó Sandra Girls 205 0:16:18
2 Domènech Masana Lola Girls 204 0:19:24
3 Farabelo Mariela Girls 201 0:19:54

# Apellidos Nombre Categoría Dorsal Tiempo
1 Rodriguez Galán Juan Antonio Freeride 314 0:14:15
2 Vallejera Valdueza Javier Freeride 301 0:14:40
3 Arce Urueña Johnny Alexander Freeride 334 0:15:50


The organization chose Juanita Lalá for the awards. The place was filled to the top of people, once again braved the storm and came expectantly to greet the winners of the different categories.

There were significant prizes for the winners of each category, four special prizes, and lots of gifts that were raffled among all participants, thanks to the many sponsors who won the second edition of Tibidabo Hill Climb.

A party end quite lives up to this great event, which, year after year amaze us and THC tends to become a benchmark.


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