Wolfpack Hustle Unified Series

The Unified Series is a new competition format that was created in 2013 at the hands of Wolfpack Hustle (Los Angeles, USA).  This competitions links several disciplines of fixed gear, bringing more excitement and rivalry at the same championship :

  • Race 1 – MARATHON CRASH : Tour of 42 km. by the city of Los Angeles.
  • Race 2 – LOS ANGELES CIVIC CENTER CRITERIUM : type criterium race around the city of Los Angeles.
  • Race 3 – DRAG RACE : Race sprints one versus one.

As in most leagues, the overall standings are based on the continuous score runners, in this case, runners score in each finished race until the sixteenth position . The score system is very competitive and requires participants to be very consistent and get the best position in each races.

This championship has the support of major sponsors such as Chrome and Redbull. It also has partners such as Rideshare, Castelli, Thomas Forsyth and City Grounds, LAPD Olympic Division, car2go ,The Seventh Letter, Endo Customs, SoCal Cross and Adam Duvendeck Trafic .

We would like to congratulate the Don ” Roadblock ” Wolfpack Hustle and all the working team in this league and for all the energy and passion that transmits to their projects with WH in Los Angeles.

Official poster :

Wolfpack hustle - Unified Title Series 2014

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