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2020 takeaways from within the RAW team

When we at RAW Cycling Magazine came together to plan 2020, a wide variety of ambitious projects were brought to the table. New categories in the magazine, another edition of Among the Giants, new adventures with The RAW Stories, bike trips, events, and much more. Obviously, the situation the world is facing has restricted the way of moving forward with most of what we planned.

However, the positivism that surrounds our team has prevented us from being affected more than what is inevitable. Our motivation during these months has not only been intrinsic, though; the great personalities with whom we have collaborated, and that you have been able to read about, have positively influenced us.

The smile on our face at the end of a friendly video call conversation with the interviewee, the congratulations received by the rest of colleagues when presenting the article with which we have been busy in recent days… These are several examples of the reasons that encourage us to keep trying to deliver the best content, regardless of factors beyond our control.

Thanks to their desire to continue adding experiences, people who have starred in the articles published this year have been a true source of inspiration. We hope that, by allowing you to get to know their stories, new feats have been achieved by you, our readers, which would have been hardly imaginable if not for the situation experienced.

On a smaller scale, we are also proud of the adventures lived this year, both professionally and recreationally. So, in the end, this has not been a blank year, and for that reason, we would like to be able to share with all of you our takeaways from 2020 through small extracts of the members who form the team behind the magazine.

Pol – Editor

This year has come in handy to remember who we are and know what we want to be. The time at home helped me to resume forgotten passions and, in between magazine articles and roller sessions, I went back to creating and painting. I focused on that, finishing writing the doctoral thesis, and planning routes for when we could get out.

Thus, once we were free again (although only temporarily) I escaped to visit all those places that I wanted to discover; a bicycle, a small stove and a tent, I didn’t need more than that. In the end, for me, this year has been learning, self-discovery and opening up borders to new horizons and a future of hope.

Javi – Editor

Studies and work duties have still been a priority, trying not to be influenced by the pandemic and adopting a tunnel vision. If by default this year has already produced great alterations in our routines, I made the decision to start a master’s abroad with the goal of pursuing a career in what really drives me on a daily basis.

During all this time of change, my bike has been the tool that has helped me the most to disconnect and compensate for the negativity around me with the constant segregation of happiness when riding.

Inspired by so many characters we have talked about in the magazine, this summer I took a small but rewarding three-day bike trip. Those 500 km by myself made me realize how many different ways there are to enjoy riding a bike. Whether going as fast as possible or for as many hours as my body can hold, there are many adventures that remain to be lived.

Victor – Graphic designer

This has been a year to gain momentum, and I think I have taken advantage of it. I have been able to be 24/7 with my wife and my daughters, I have had time to think and I have been able to practice and focus on things that due to lack of time, I had ignored until now.
In general, there have been many changes, and changes are opportunities. In 2021, together with the RAW team, we will know how to make the most of them.

A big kiss if you are reading me and a lot of strength for everything that comes. Ride your bike and stay positive, because whatever happens, we are still moving forward. One Luv.

Sergio – Editor

We are not going to deny that it has and is still is difficult. In my opinion, the hurdles of this 2020 have been, to make a comparison, like going down a singletrack with an MTB from the 90s.

Although the journey tests us and wears us down, it is no less true that it also brings out positive things, and the RAW team is an example. We have all managed to overcome both physical and creative difficulties. It is even leading us to new projects, which due to the forced cancellation of others, have highlighted the great ideas that arise from the human part of the magazine.

Let’s see if, in 2021, I can at least improve my 90s MTB with disc brakes and a proper suspension ;)

Brazo de Hierro – Photographer

We all know that 2020 will be a year that will go down in history and will be talked about for the rest of our lifetime. Who would tell us that we would have to pause our lives, lock ourselves at home, and “wait” for everything to improve?

Honestly, this year has been difficult in all aspects, both in the personal and professional sense. 2020 began organizing jobs scheduled until September, with great projects with leading brands, many of which went to waste in just a couple of weeks. And you suddenly find yourself at home, without work, not knowing what to do or what to hold on to.

As they say, in difficult moments is when everything comes out, the good and the bad. If I can choose, I’ll stick with the good stuff; carry out a remote project like “Light behind lockdown”. It was the fuel that allowed me to go through lockdown. Another highlight was the moment when we were able to go out riding our bikes again; the air, the light, the forest, the animals… Everything around me was different, nature had recovered part of its space.

And, ultimately, have time for our own people, to enjoy life with our family and loved ones. This year has been a pit stop for a society that lives at 200 km/h.

Toni – Editor

Without a doubt, this difficult year is going to remain in everyone’s memory for the rest of our lives, but despite all the negative connotations, I always prefer to see the positive side of things and stick with that.

On a personal level, this break has made me reflect and see things differently. I have tried to pay more attention to those little things that make me happy. I have shared more moments with my loved ones, enjoyed nature and sport as much as I could, and had the opportunity to take part for the first time in ultra-distance races. I have also changed some priorities to make time and plan new personal projects.

In the professional field, everything and the difficulties that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, I consider it has been a year in which the team working on the magazine has become even more consolidated. Working side by side, we have managed to overcome every obstacle, deliver good content, and plan 2021 with renewed energy and a lot of motivation.

Photos: RAW Cycling Magazine archives

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