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Argonaut RM3: improving what is difficult to improve

Argounaut Cycles has just launched the latest evolution of its road model, the RM3. Could the construction of its predecessor be improved? We think it was difficult, but the boys in Bend, Oregon, seem to have succeeded.

When we had the chance to test the previous model, we told you about the good work in the manufacturing process and the qualities of the frame. Well, Argonaut has changed the molding system for a completely new one with its own signature. This new technique is applied in the production of the frame, as well as in the fork and stem, which are not manufactured by third parties in order to achieve a better homogenization of the set, as well as complete hiding of the wiring. Ben Farver, founder of Argonaut Cycles, explain to us that the new model absorbs irregularities better, and at the same time, it’s more reactive, both because of the rigidity in the accelerations and the improved handling implied by the absence of cables.

The RM3 will have 12 pre-designed geometries and the possibility, as in the previous model, of producing a completely customized geometry to suit the user. There will also be the option of custom painting and the chance of acquiring frameset or complete bikes.

According to Argonaut, the RM3 aims to set a benchmark for what a high performance custom carbon bike can be like.

Photos by:  Argonaut Cycles

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