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Badlands 2020 video recap

It has already been three months since we traveled to the Andalusian city of Granada to participate in the first edition of Badlands. Today, the organizers (Transiberica Ultracycling) are presenting the official movie of the event.

A film by Peter of the Spoon in which we can go all over the indiscerptible landscapes through which the route passed, and make a mere idea of the roughness, demand, and satisfaction when finishing such a difficult challenge. Moreover, in the video, some inside participants’ testimonies such as Lachlan Morton and Sónia Colomo, respective first finishers of their category (male and female), are collected. This allows us to get a closer impression of the harshness, agony, and glory of an event like this, not only caring about the numbers but seeing their expressions and comments.

With just a single edition Badlands has already turned, with no doubt, into one of the ‘must’ events regarding long-distance self-supported national races, and probably at a European level as well. The beauty of the south-east region in the Iberian peninsula where the event took place, along with the different territories through which the track passed (deserts, beach, and high mountain) are one of the attractive features of the race and if you add up the success of the edition, the most immediate result for 2021 will be a ‘sold-out’.

Here you will find the video. We hope you enjoy it.


Photos: Transiberica archives

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