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Badlands 2021: The film

Just a few days ago we released the recap article of Badlands in its 2021 edition, reaffirming itself as one of the most outstanding ultradistance off-road races in Europe. Now, a few weeks later, we have the opportunity to get a better insight into the experience by the hand of some of the participants, enjoy the landscapes through which the race took place, and discover in more detail what can be experienced in a challenge of such magnitude. Fatigue, pain, suffering, heat, thirst, hunger, joy, excitement, overcoming… are just some examples of the feelings that you will see in this beautiful documentary, but that can only be ultimately experienced in person.

If in the previous article we already told you how hard it is to complete a challenge like Badlands, thanks to this video, you will be able to get a more precise idea of ​​how demanding it is both physically and mentally. Likewise, we hope that you can get inspired and motivated to venture into the wild and to try this discipline, discover your local region or more remote areas, and, who knows, become one of the protagonists of the next edition.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the work of Diego Sanz, director of the documentary, and his entire recording crew for the great work (Lander Andonegi and Pablo Pou as cameramen, and Bridge Agency for the production part). A video that without the help of Scott Bikes, the entire Transiberica Ultracycling team, and, of course, the rest of the race sponsors, could not have been carried out.

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