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Berlin Bicycle Week 2016

One year more we have visited Berlin to attend that, for us, is one of the events in the calendar: the Berlin Bicycle Week. A week full of events in which are included the Berliner Fahrradschau, the Last Man Standing of Rad Race, and other many bicycle-related events, throughout the city.


We have followed this fair since the beginning and, year after year, we have seen how it has grown up and has been making leaps in quality to become, without a doubt, one of the events of reference in Europe, and why not, worldwide.

A weekend destined to professionals, users and consumers, in which we could discover the latest newness of the most powerful brands, innovative products of small companies that they try to pave the way in this sector, craftsmen, stands dedicated to the urban cycling in terms of clothes designed for cyclists, accessories for your bike, flea market, and even take a gin tonic listening good music.

As a novelty, this year had an area dedicated to children with products of all kinds, an area for cargo-bikes, e-bikes, and some other two wheels invention.

In terms of other related events included within the Berliner Fahrradschau, we could see the European Championship of CXSS, Pumptrack Battle, Bike Polo, Minidrome, Flatland Freestyle, High Wheel Race, Rad Race Last Man Standing, Gold Sprint, Bike Trial, Acrobatic Bike Show, and, of course, the anniversary party that we celebrate together with the friends of RAD RACE at the Silverwings Club.

Without a doubt, a three-day with a tight agenda and on which we have barely stopped. We hope that this event will follow this line and to be able to continue taking part in for a long time.

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