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Canyon Tempr CFR footwear: Shoes fitted for champions

Today, the renowned German bicycle manufacturer Canyon is making its debut in the cycling shoes market by unveiling the high-performance road and off-road Tempr CFR footwear line, setting a new standard for cyclists who demand the ultimate comfort, style, and performance.

After 22 years marked for their innovative designs and high-performance bicycles, Canyon is expanding its portfolio to include a new line of cycling shoes. This debut is sure to generate excitement among cyclists, and with this description of the new product range, together with a mention of the price tag, you will be able to decide for yourself if the price-quality ratio Canyon is well known for stays unscattered.

Begging of a new era

This is Canyon’s statement for its debut as they presented today the high-performance road and off-road Tempr CRF race shoes: “Our expertise in developing world-class bikes is second to none so it was only natural that we bring that world-class talent to shoe developments too, completing the connection between the rider and their bike,” said Canyon’s Stan Mavis, Global Director Gear.

The right cycling shoes can make a significant difference in your comfort and performance on the bike, there is no question about that, so it is important to take the time to find a pair that fits well, provides the features you need, and suits your riding style and budget.

Canyon is not alone in this debut

To create the cutting-edge Tempr CFR shoes, Canyon collaborated with industry and well-renowned companies: FORM8ION, who provided their extensive knowledge and input to the shoe designs; BOA®, Solestar® and Vibram ®, the latter focusing on providing an outsole that offers best-in-class traction.

Canyon focused on a triad of key issues for the development of the Tempr CRF racing shoes: how to optimise the footwear last for power and comfort? How to eliminate wasted movement? How to measurably gain watts?

To answer these questions, Canyon partnered up to develop different technologies. The first one is the PUREFIT360™ insole, co-developed with Solestar®. This insole is designed to match the natural shape of the foot, allowing it to move naturally while returning it to a neutral position. This maximizes power transfer without compromising comfort, making it ideal for long rides. Additionally, the shoes feature a full-length CFR carbon fibre internal plate, providing maximum power transfer, and enabling efficient pedalling.

One additional development is the PerformFit Wrap system, developed in collaboration with BOA®. This system encircles the heel and arch, controlling the instep and locking the heel in place. This eliminates unnecessary foot movement within the shoe, providing a secure fit that prevents pressure points across the arch of the foot, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit. These technologies combine to create what Canyon has designated as “Percent+”.

In addition to the latest fit technology from BOA® and Solestar®, Canyon has integrated a distinctive sock-like stretch tongue material to securely cradle the foot. Both road and off-road shoes feature pressure relief zones in common hot spot areas to ensure a supportive yet flexible fit.

All in all, the Tempr CFR shoes are engineered to provide a perfect balance of speed, ride feel and innovation, allowing cyclists to push their limits without sacrificing comfort on long rides. “With these shoes, we’ve achieved another innovation milestone,” said Mavis.

High-level shoes for world-class athletes

The Canyon’s road and off-road Tempr CRF race shoes are, as quoted by the German brand, “high-level shoes for world-class athletes to win world-class events.” Canyon’s new products have already proved their mettle on the podium, thanks to the performances of the brand’s ambassadors and talented athletes. Petr Vakoč, Zoe Bäckstedt, Luca Schwarzbauer, and Dante Young have each secured victories in elite-level gravel, cyclocross, XCO, XCC, and Road races this season while wearing the CFR shoes.

With such a strong showing from Canyon’s athletes, it seems that the Tempr CFR shoes deliver the performance and durability needed to conquer the most demanding races. The podium finishes are a statement of the shoes’ quality and the trust Canyon’s athletes have placed in them.

Canyon’s Tempr CFR Road shoes are available in white and black variations, priced 329,95€ and weighing 250g (size 42). The Tempr CFR off-road shoes come in black with gum tread, or grey or white with a black tread, also priced at 329,95€ , weighing in at 290g (size 42).

Photos: Canyon