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COMMFIXED Team. Toasted at the sun of the South

From South of Spain arrive making noise and giving show the COMMFixed Team, a team of the few that exist in Andalusia, which is working hard to be at the highest level and fight for the best positions in the criteriums.

Besides a good training plan, behind there is also a very good friendship that unites them more as a team and makes them stronger. Definitely a role model for everything they do, diffusion of the team,work, effort, friendship and, above all, have fun.

1. Who you form the COMMFIXED Team?

The Toasted at the sun of the South we are:

Javier Graziano Peque. Pure power. Police, 21 years and practiced road, cyclocross and track

Fernando Claro. Spirit. Work Hard, Ride Fast. Creative director at WEOUTDOOR. 31 years

Emilio López. Master. Team, strength and humility. Bicycle Mechanic, 37 years old

• Sergio Valenti. Novato, 23 años. Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design. Specialized in Mechanical

2. When did the idea of creating the team?

In May of 2013 Monta y Pedalea Shop organized in Seville one CRITERIUM within the framework of a kind of local Festibike. Although we already knew of some hangouts in town, that’s where we spend more time together. The race was won by Fernando escaped because he was competing in MTB and had another rhythm. Second Carlos Beltran followed for Javi Graziano. As an anecdote we can tell that Emi was doubled as he says -4 or 8 times- for over 12 years he not pedaled something that was not jumping BMX. Now you just have to see it run … it’s like a ship moving on asphalt. Not see bikes, you only see a man on wheels! ¡We cast good laughs in that race! Of course after we went for beers together.

That evening, night, Eugenio of Monta y Pedalea, proposed us to form this team, we design in a week the equipping and in the wake of there we feel like a real team.

3. You follow any special training? Do you usually train together?

At first we alone. Then we we went getting serious with everything – marketing, more workouts, objectives, business interests, road racing, etc. and Mr. Javier Sola (a young but former coach of the andalusian track selection) and now the leader TRAINING4LL suggested us to train and do the biomechanical of all the track bikes. Now every week carry a planning and monthly we do power controls and see how we go.

The state of form is what marks the difference to be a good team to be a team with options. Yes we train a lot together ¡ this is what it is!

4. Objectives for this year? Races that want to attend for the rest of the season?

We are a humble team, with a fair budget. Thanks to sponsorships we can invest our money in travel something instead of material. So our intention is to go to some races. Once there, the objective is as follows: to the maximum, all the time. Our intention is do not miss to: RHC Barcelona, UNIBIKE (Madrid), and if we can also try to go to Criterium Valencia and RHC Milan.

Our slogan UNTIL THE LAST LAP we like very much, because even if you are strong you can get behind two beasts as Carlos Barredo and Pablo “Superclass” Rodriguez and eliminate you. No finish a CRIT is not a cause for sadness. We know how many people finish the crits. So if you hold until the last lap of the race, it’s a success. Whether you’re in front, as if you’re behind … to the maximum, until the last lap.

As a team goal, keep us equally together and enjoying of each training together and each biketrip to compete.

5. After the good result of the team in Criterium Gijón, do you come with more desire than ever to RHC Barcelona?

More motivated than ever not say, the same because they are lot. We were highly motivated with Gijón but we were arriving with several problems of state of form, but fortunately, the race is not the most important. If you see the pictures of our biketrip you’ll see that for we Criterium Gijón was not only going to run 45 minutes, but rather have been five days out and about and 1,600 km. of travel. The beauty of all this is that we are enjoying another type of competition that is not the traditional of the world of cycling, is much more than that… the cultural link with the crew, traveling together for pleasure, go to the beach and surfing, be more brothers and help at all more for to stay out of the homeland, the beers with other riders, meet new people… this is what it’s worth and enriches us. And that’s what we stayed. What we have to do is enjoy and try to finish the race, at least, having given everything. The results come, but the aim is to enjoy.

What we live in BCN last year was so, but the sensation experienced in Gijon was the same. The only thing that has changed is our confidence in the race and we have to ride speedplay for departures and the Furious!

6. Tell us a little about TRESHOMBRES BIKES

We like spending genunine things, by this i refer to a quality product and design but Little seen. First, as a matter of idiosyncrasy – fortunately we it share all of us – and second by the value that we can bring to new brands that are good. Also think a new product also helps us to create our own identity. -we are small and humble, but do not follow the footsteps of anyone-.

After this, I can talk about TRESHOMBRES BIKES, that it seems like magic. But we could talk better within a month.

We are more but there was a critical moment that there were 3, and caught off tweezers, we were looking pictures almost by necessity and suddenly find TRESHOMBRES. We saw the material and it was fucking amazing: manicured welds, lightweight, minimalist design, perfect geometry, no frills, etc. and hold on that comes best thing: have three box models, with three icons by model which are expensive, and we could be three of us. We write an email in two weeks and were part of the structure.

Be Agressive, Be Fast and Be Classy. Take out your conclusions I’m sure they also saw ourselves we could be the self customization of each box, very funny …. When things get real and love, the cosmos aligns friends! When do things real and for love, the cosmos aligns friends!

7. Think to the option of organizing any criterium in the south?

Certainly yes. We have a very grizzly circuit with two options, with two curves 180 and without them, but we are aware that travel from any part of Madrid up -where are you all- to Seville is expensive (happens to us with careers north) so we have to look good dates and obtain facilities. The circuit deserves an event in conditions … to give you some idea, the asphalt is new, all the circuit is visible from any point and have curves even with cambers.

8. A phrase that represents your passion for cycling and bike.

About the bike, there are gestures that have become vices: The sense of speed. Burning a problem in your head on a training.The adrenaline to bring your body to the limit or dress almost super-hero. Everything is something amazing every day.

Cycling is a sport giant and authentic it gives you lessons of life.

9. Thanks to…

Yesterday night Emi said: “We’ve gone out as a team. No great brand has proposed be part of nothing and no have helped us financially. What we are today we have worked us.”

Thanks to Emi and Javi
Thanks to Fer and Javi
Thanks to Emi and Fer

Thanks to the support of our sponsors: Catlike for trusting us from minute one, to Weoutdoor to promote the team, Javi Sola of Training4ll by the training and the controls of power, to Expobikes to put the icing on the cake, to Monta y Pedalea for those afternoons of beer in the store, of course, to TRESHOMBRES Bikes by those magnificent framesets, to you, for giving us chance to get out on RAW Cycling Mag.

More info on: commutersteam.tumblr.com
Instagram: @commfixed

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