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After the last adventure in the US West Coast, the Dosnoventa’s Crew goes toward the east, more specifically to Seoul, the city most representative cultural and economic level of South Korea.

In many Asian countries for years they have a special interest on this Barcelona’s brand and Korea is one of these countries where Dosnoventa enjoys a huge number of fans and a success of sales.

The full band will be on tour in Seoul about 10 days and we already know that their travels which we are used to don’t tend to be ordinary and we are sure that in this new adventure we will see amazing bikes, laughs, beers, crazy nights, top landscapes and good vibes.

Accompanying the “the Fantastic Four”, as always, a great team. On the one hand, Marco and Fabio Gasser, Gasser brothers, they are really amazing behind the camera to document the trip and the thousand adventures that they will live in this fantastic city and secondly, the great Sergio de Arrola who after his last adventure in Africa, will accompany the Dosnoventa’s guys on all of their trips to shape what will be their next book: Brotherhood: A year inside Dosnoventa.

Korea, you are notified! From 09 to 19 June DSNV is coming!

  • Saturday, 11th: Spellbound (Group Ride + After Party)
  • Friday, 17th: Bootleg (Group Ride + After Party)

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