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We have known Sami for a few years now. In fact, we got to live first-hand the fixed-gear scene in Barcelona, with her as one of its role models. We have been able to follow her progression through the years, from the races on the Red Hook Series to her more professional side with Komoot, or working as a producer in cycling brands campaigns around the world.

Sami’s image and projects are totally dreamy and idealistic. Each and every amateur cyclist would love to travel like she does and to be able to turn that into a job. However, behind what social media hides away, there exists a Sami who, like us all, has her own demons.

Let us introduce you to a short film directed and produced by her, where we will see her most personal side. Riding through breathtaking scenery Samy tells us why she decided to shoot this short, and invites us to reflect on how precious it is to be able to do whatever you want outdoors.

Photos: Velofilia

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