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IRIDE Fixed Modena

From the first moment you meet the guys from IRIDE (we met Matteo and Francesco first and Walter) you get the feeling that you’re with people that really love there work, and that there a 130% concentrated on it. Italians ingenious and innovative that make Italy a very charming place. Let’s read the interview we made and find more info about IRIDE Fixed Modena.

1. How was IRIDE Fixed Modena founded?

It all started around the end of 2008, back from one of our several trips in Europe (I think it was Rocco and Luca back in London). The fixed movement was growing fast in all the most important cities of the world. We thought that desire could become a reality: make customized urban bikes, unique pieces, with a definite and recognizable identity, and enter in the world of fixed gear from the main door. After the bikes came all the rest: lifestyle, merchandising, events, races and The Hub.

The project of IRIDIE has been a reality for more than 5 years, and 5 friends: Rocco and Luca Bizzarri, Francesco K Capitani, Walter Carrubba and Matteo Zazzera.

2. What does it mean being frame builders for you guys?

First of all it means to make something that you believe in, and use everything that you have and try to get the maximum result. Making our work, the most important thing for us is to communicate our passion for bikes and for the fixed gear scene worldwide. In 2009 we founded a bike brand that for us express ourselves, making what we love.

3. Who is the designer of your frames? Where do you manufacture your frames and what do you materials use?

All our bikes are completely produced, designed and tested by us. They’re entirely made in Italy using the best Italian materials and collaborate with the best Italian frame builders. Just Italian frames made from Italian people!

The materials that we use the most are steel, aluminum and recently we started to work on titanium and carbon (no monoscocca).

4. The names of your frames are inspired on the names of trees, can you explain us why?

It was very complicated to find something original for the names of the frames model that we build. After a lot of consultations and discussions, together we decided to fold back on trees names; maybe the only natural element that could represent the uniqueness of our bikes and represent at the same time the technical characteristics of every frame model. For example: the titanium model it’s called AZOBE like the African wood, they both are light weight, and they’re hard to work on,  and they’re eternal. Can you find a better couple?

This is the list of our frame sets:

– VIPERA: frame set (frame and fork) in steel Dedacciai series ZEROTRE, assembled with customize Dedacciai conjunctions.

– QUERCIA: frame set (frame and fork) in steel Dedacciai series ZEROTRE, assembled with customize Dedacciai conjunctions.

– SALIX: frame set (frame and fork) steel Columbus series CROMOR assembled with customize Columbus conjunctions.

– PIOPPO: Frame set steel Columbus series Spirit Keirin, assembled with Tig (Mig) welding technique. Fork in carbon Columbus (Mod. Tusk air/Tusk straight). Upon request, fillet brazing technique, not included in the price.

– BETULLA:  Frame in aluminum Columbus series Zonal, assembled with Tig (Mig) customize welding technique. Fork in carbon Columbus (Mod. Tusk air/Tusk straight). Upon request, fillet brazing technique, not included in the price.

– LA BOMBA: Frame in carbon Columbus series Genius (aerodynamic) assembled with carbon tape customize technique. Fork in carbon Columbus (Mod. Grammy-Mod fel).

– PRIMA: Frame in steel Columbus, series genius, assembled with Tig (Mig) customize welding technique, fork in carbon Columbus (Mod Grammy Slim). Upon request fillet brazing technique, not included in the price.

– PRIMA PIUMA: Frame in carbon Columbus series SLX (Round), assembled with customize carbon tape technique, fork in carbon Columbus (Mod. Grammy Slim).

– ROVERE: Frame in aluminum Columbus series Starship, assembled with Tig (Mig) customize welding technique. Fork in carbon Columbus (Mod. Mud disk/Mod. Mud pad). Upon request fillet brazing technique. Not included in the price.

– AZOBE: Frame in titanium Aerodynamic 5th grade (ti 6al-4v), assembled with paw welding technique. Fork in Columbus carbon (Mod. Tusk straight/Mod. Grammy slim). Azobe frame is certified by I.I.S. (Italian Institute Welding)

5. The Hub Store

In our Hub Store the main activitie is to fuck around! (lol). And then there’s that multitude of classic activities typical of a fixed gear bike shop. For example: sale of accessories and our merchandising, sale our frame sets, assembly unique models dedicated to the single need of every customer. In that case the bike is built like a unique piece with the client, take the measures, choose the pipes, choose the technique of welding, and we suggest the best chromatic and technic matching. “Need for the ride” is an application form that resumes all the technical components of the bike. We inform our customer about the process of production, and if he/she want, can watch how we build his frame set.

The Hub Store is specially a place to be together and share the passion for bikes. We organize events, make plans of our racing team,  work on criterium and alleycats, organize professional mechanic classes for bikes, listen music and watch videos, and we’re open to listen the proposals of people (of course…just if it’s a good proposal). And if you have nothing better to do, you can come to our shop and spend your day on our sofa, that in some cases for some of us has been also a bed.

Recently we organize a mechanic class for the Reggio Emilia prison. A very ambitious and ethical project and at the same time a project where the prisoners can learn a profession, they arrange bikes that we take from the stolen bikes deposit. The bikes are sold in an auction on an annual party.

6. Racing Team

IRIDE Demode Squadra Corse, deserves a separate article, but this is the space that we’ve got so we try to exploit it the best way possible.

This season was good; It was thrilling for the show and personally I think that has been a very exiting season. We didn’t win any race, but in Milano our Colombian rider Mario Paz Duque won the fastest lap of the race, and we have had very positive results close to the top teams

The racing team will be resized for personal and economic reasons. This was a test year and in this year we faced some small delusion, by the way we’ve been able to race all over the world. And this is hard physically and psychologically, it’s also very hard to keep up the economical and personal parts. These days we’re making decisions all together (like in a big family) which is the best in the future for our racing team, how we can resize our team, always all together, that is what we want. For 2014 our goal will be as usual do our best!

7. It seems like there’s a big unity in the IRIDE Team, do you have a lot of fun?

It’s our life!!

8. One short phrase o motto that express your passion for cycling

Obviously. FALLING AND RISING: it’s just when you’re on the ground that you understand what means to stand up. Experience teaches you to be careful, but if it will happen again you’ll face it with more strength. The intensity of the falling determines the intensity of your rise up.

9. Thanks to…

We want to greet who unfortunately is not with us anymore, who believed and that have always believed in us!