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Kantoirkit 2014, to don’t forget

With July loaded with event, we knew from the beginning that we coundn’t miss out on the Kantoikrit, we had very good references as SURF FIXED (first two years) and our intuition told us that we would be sorry if we passed on the opportunity to participate in a event like this.

Even today, several days after Kantoikrit and almost a foot in the Criterium Gijón keep coming to mind fragments amazing that we lived in Oñati last weekend. A super technical course that whent through the historical of down town of this beautiful town and, with the help of public enthusiasm, got the best out of each rider.


During Saturday morning and, after resting from the trip, we had the opportunity to make a first recognition of the course with Xabi, our host, and Luís from 5Shillings that already has been there for a few days there.

The layout had very technical areas, during the race, that would be key to success. The worst (or best) was the cobblestone area. As much as you tried, you could not find a comfortable way to traverse this delicate part of the circuit. I was hard to focus, arms and neck resented both cushion and head could think of that was left to get out. I found it almost impossible to think that in a few hours we would have to go through there at full speed and with a bunch of hungry riders for the victory.

After the first contact with the course, we went to eat lunch with the great organization who greeted us throughout the weekend.

With a full stomach, we took the opportunity to rest a bit, make final adjustments to the bikes before the race and learn more this charming village surrounded by mountains and nature. The race started at 22:00 and we had to take advantage of our stay.

As the hour approached the village was taking shape to course. The main streets were closed to traffic, STAFF members were reviewing the safety of the route and the public to go out looking for a good place to enjoy the show.

As if the race lacked emotion, time wanted to add a touch of grace with a squall that hit us for a while.

The race was going to start. Among the riders a mixture between tension was felt by the nerves and euphoria. The whole town stopped to focus all their attention on the race. The streets were completely packed, the shouts of encouragement accompany you throughout the circuit and camera flashes were firing nonstop. An incredible atmosphere.

During the race the pace was frenetic and mind didn’t think of anything that was not pedaling. With the warmth of the crowd and the excitement that was felt helped you overcome the hardness of the more technical parts of the track.

Tim Ceresa, last one on there 8bar team, was the winner of this great race. Behind him, Stefan Schott and Jon Ander. Highlight the participation of a single girl who dared to test this difficult course.

The post-party, was quite up to the event. Awards, free food and drinks, concerts, among many other things.

The summary of the weekend that we lived in the Basque Country, is 10. We were very comfortable during our stay in Oñati, met new people, taste Basque food and enjoyed a great race. What more could you want?

For our part we have very clear, next year we repeat.

¡Eskerrik asko Kantoikrit!

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