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Lazer KinetiCore: A game-changer for cycling helmets

We all know that cycling safety is a key and much-needed aspect, and when it comes to protecting our heads, even more so. We currently have reliable and efficient systems that protect us from shocks in the event of a crash, and even if we sometimes think that everything has been invented and that there is no room for improvement we are obviously wrong.

The Lazer Sport team has been manufacturing helmets for more than 100 years and is committed to innovation, technology, and design. Undoubtedly, these aspects have been key in the history of the Belgian firm to consolidate itself as one of the leading companies in the sector.

KinetiCore Technology

When rotational impact injuries began to be recognized a decade ago and we became aware of their importance, technologies began to appear in order to reduce brain damage in the event of crashing. For what concerns them, Lazer also got down to work and began to develop their own solution.

On March 30 Lazer KinetiCore was released, an innovative technology that can be included in any helmet in a completely integrated way and without the need to add extra parts or accessories. In order to achieve this, the design team was forced to leave behind all the foundations they knew so far and start from scratch.

The system replaces the current mold used for the interior of ordinary helmets with independent blocks of foam specifically designed and distributed to reduce direct and rotational impact, and redirect the energy of the impact away from the brain.

Undoubtedly, KinetiCore is presented to the world as a new, revolutionary, and promising system that aims to change the rules of the game.

Aspects to be highlighted

One of the main advantages that KinetiCore provides is that, unlike other systems, it does not increase the weight of the helmets, quite the opposite. This also translates into less use of material, reduced manufacturing costs, and makes the products that implement this solution more environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, by not needing extra parts to implement the system, there are no problems in terms of changing helmet sizes. KinetiCore improves ventilation and can also be applied to any type of helmet, not just cycling and adults.

We would like to point out that the Lazer KinetiCore has achieved the maximum score (5 stars) in the prestigious Virginia Tech security tests at the University of Virginia, matching the MIPS system in terms of recognition.

Lazer Vento

During the past Road Bike Connection, in addition to learning about the new KinetiCore technology, we were able to exclusively see and test the new Lazer Vento, a lightweight helmet (290 g) with an aerodynamic design that does not compromise on comfort.

The new Vento uses the ScrollSys adjustment system that proposes a different way to adapt the helmet to each user and head in a comfortable and simple way. It has an efficient ventilation system (Venturi) and provides better performance from the aerodynamics point of view.