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Light Behind Lockdown by Brazo de Hierro / Strava

As I had just fitted the rear wheel to the roller, I noticed that I had a voice message waiting to be heard, it was from my friend Brazo de Hierro.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking about an idea for a while that I think might work. Do you have a tripod?”

During all this time we are having to go through, a great part of professionals from many sectors have had to reinvent themselves in order to continue working. Photography, a fundamental pillar and in symbiosis with RAW’s project, is a sector clearly affected. Without events to cover and with big brands retaining their investments in face of uncertainty, it is a challenge to generate new material.

We have all seen in social media great professionals watching a TV screen or a tablet and fully sweating as many of us on a roller. This brings us even closer to them and makes us empathize with a situation that takes us all down to ground level. Looking at these images, Brazo de Hierros’s creativity and desire to keep motivation high, came to the fore.

(follows the voice message) “Listen, the fact is that I want to make a series of photographs where the protagonist is the cyclist on his roller, I want to see your place of suffering, your pain cave, the place where you usually train and with the device you usually use. We will make a video call and we will make framing tests and adjustments in the camera. You had a Sony, right? What do you think about the idea, do you dare?”

It is not easy to adapt to many different cameras: Olympus, Canon, Fuji and even smartphones. But even if the arm is not made of iron, with the right advice on where to place the camera and making the correct adjustments, we think the result has been spectacular.

However, this does not come along without brands that believe in new concepts, and in this case, it was Strava who believed in this peculiar project termed as Light Behind Lockdown, and also made it it’s own. From RAW we applaud initiatives like this and encourage all professionals and brands to trust in new ideas and alternative projects. These are times of change and opportunities!

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the full work along with testimonials from all the participants on Strava’s official website.

Photos by: Brazo de Hierro in collaboration with all the riders.

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