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Mad City Rides. An example of a work well done

For months we’ve heard about Mad City Rides on social net works and in Madrid they’ve been wanting a long to make things right. After a lot of work and effort, it seems that the pieces are coming together.

For those who don’t know, they’re defining as a group of activists and urban cycling enthusiasts to join forces to create a tool to enhance the new urban cycling disciplines from different areas.

The concept is very good and we are sure it will work very well. The idea is to join forces between shops, companies and crews in the biking world of Madrid to try to be stronger in promoting urban cycling, either with events, competitions or other events.

Another objective of Mad City Rides, is to be the backbone of information of urban disciplines in the Capital and become a benchmark for all fans living in or visiting Madrid.

Recently opened a new website ( www.madcityrides.org ) where they have released all the information published on the group, news and a small store with some ” groovy ” stuff. We recommend that you don’t lose track of these guys  we know that there preparing some very interesting things.

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