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MASH SF Japan Premiere

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary, Mash SF started the biggest project of their career. The project included a large photo/design book showing the history of MASH, photographs and design projects exhibition and a full length film. And to celebrate together with friends and fans, they started to travel all around the World for the video premiere and events. I had the chance to be on their Japan premiere, which happened on October 17th and 18th in Tokyo.

The crew for Japan included the MASH riders Dylan Buffington, Matt Shapiro, Eddy Bach, Walton Brush and Chas Christiansen. Also the film makers and editors Al Nelson, Martin Bustamante and Mike Martin himself.

The event was organized by some local bike shops like, BlueLug, 25Las and WBase. The days were followed by events like art show, alleycat, group rides and finally the Premiere, which had around 230 people per day, making Tokyo having the biggest crowd on the MASH World Premiere.

Joy is what the MASH is and we’ve realized over the last ten years, that joy on a track bike means watching others find it for themselves. It also ignites a fascination for the simple machines themselves: the unending geometry, how they seem to be held by a single thread and like time itself have a self-determined trajectory when intertwined with its rider.


The alleycat happened on October 17th right after the first night Premiere. It was organized by the Black Sox Bicycle Club and 25Las together with MASH crew and had more than 100 people participating divided in man and woman category. It started in Shinjuku Central Park, having 3 checkpoints and finishing at Komazawa Park. The alleycat winner was the Tokyo bike messenger, Norihiko “MASSA” Takayama.


The group ride happened before the second Premiere day on October 18th and also more than 100 people joined the ride. The group was so big that it had to be divided by 3 groups. All equipped with front and rear brakes, according to Japanese law.


And finally, Mash 2015’s visit to Japan ended with the second night of the film showing. People were all very excited and were cheering between one scene to another. The film is amazing, with breathtaking visuals, sounds and riders skills. It will definitely set the bar for all cycling videos from now on.