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NDLSS x Laser collection, design and creativity

When two brands that bet in the design and quality of their product come together, the result can only be positive.

In this case, after 15 years of friendship, Hugo (the founder and creative director of NDLSS) and Justo’s (the creative director and owner of Laser Barcelona) relationship has resulted in a collaboration to create a streetwear collection that reflects the spirit of both brands and their passion for design and cycling.

In the collection, we will find all kinds of garnets with details of both brands, from street (t-shirts, caps, and musettes) to cycling apparel (jerseys and bib shorts). NDLSS employed the triangle as a basic shape, which can be easily noticed alongside geometric lines and cuts in emerald and garnet colors. On the other side, Laser, always opting for the simplicity and colors in his pieces, was in charge of the concept, production, design, and photography, offering a high-quality product made in Europe and carefully taken care of the final cut and chosen materials, so that the clothes work both on and off the bike.

Justo, from Laser Barcelona, shared with us the idea behind the project:

Ever since we both started our own project, perseverance and things-well-done have been the standard on a daily basis. Hugo asked us to take care of his Off-Road line, meticulously designed, the concept appears from his Endless idea-book. His geometrical forms, color gradients, and prints create a precedent that we have envisioned in a parallel universe, but still viewed from our way of working in Laser Barcelona. The inspiration appears from the jersey “Amethyst” that we broke down to its minimal essence. Welcome to our first collection together where the sum of our brands generates a single one.

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