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Pedalea o Revienta: Preparing Paris-Roubaix

Next stop: cyclo-masochism!

Paris-Roubaix by fixed gear is the fate of the new adventure that the most bizarre pedal gang wants to achieve.

You didn’t know what is the Paris-Roubaix? For many cyclists is considered as world heritage. This race, all passionate of bikes bound to see at least once in life and that many remember it as the cathedral of suffering.

The hardest cycling classic, also known as “the Hell of the North”, is a total of 300 km between Roubaix and the French capital. In addition to the hardness of the route, the main protagonist of this route is the paving stone that accumulate a total of 50 km divided into different stretch.

If all this, you add that you will to do it in fixed gear, or you are barmy, or you are a member of Pedalea o Revienta or perhaps both.

By the way, does anyone know how fuck to pronounce Roubaix?

To give you an idea of ​​how hard is this race, we will transcribe the words of Theo de Rooy in an interview with CBS Sports to finish this race in 1985:

Theo de Rooy: “It’s a bollocks this race! You’re working like an animal, you don’t have time to piss, you wet your pants. You’re riding in mud like this, you’re slipping, it’s a piece of shit…”

CBS Sports: “Will you ever ride it again?”

Theo de Rooy: “Sure, it’s the most beautiful race in the world!”


Bears, bikes, goldsprints, bingo, Jägermeister, and party … Jaroteo Party was an amazing party. People enjoyed a lot. The guys managed to collect some money for their next challenge and it was luxury … at least until the arrival of the silent and cowardly villain who always appears when you least expect it … you know … A.C.A.B.

The crowdfunding presentation was a success. Admittedly the guys of Pedalea o Revienta strive so that everything round out, however the deserved bad reputation that precedes them, deserve a push to come true this project.

GET TO THE POINT: crowdfunding

Now is the time to get a hand on his heart and the other in his pocket. The crowdfunding campaign’s is a form of financing and have the opportunity to participate in groovy and ambitious projects like this one.

Why do you donate this money? To help these drunk and pedaling masochistic guys to cover expenses of the trip and to make a documentary about this company.

They get accomplish this feat and we can’t see it, would be a nasty trick.

The minimum target is 6000 € and currently it doesn’t go bad. Got this figure, the campaign will not stop; the idea is to get as much as possible to present the documentary in different cities and to give the maximum dissemination.

We recommend you to have a look at Verkami campaign already created and so you can see all the details.

Now it’s up to you! Go to the webside and leave your contribution!

Supporting Pedalea o Revienta!


When and how did you know that the Paris-Roubaix would be your next destination?

(A Popper shot, Laughter.). After evaluating several professional cycling events … (giggle) uuuhhhhh what a glober…

As we were telling you … After evaluating several races we decided on the Paris-Roubaix because we wanted to burst borders, leaving Spain. This race is one of the classic with more history and the most spectacular in the professional circuit, we could complete in a day and also we added the morbidness of pavement, certainly a winning combination for us.

Following a bit the progression of Pedalea o Revienta from your BCN-VLC, we understand that on this trip you must have all much more studied, prepared and count on all the necessary resources. Can we explain us what are there behind a trip like this?

The first, the most important and what nobody realize … there are a thousand hours at the computer, phone, mails, calls, beers, snuff, and many headaches.

Once approached the issue we have to prepare the dossier and the roadmap for the whole team. We are a team of 30 people, including recorder, logistical support, mechanical and cyclists. Each part has its role and tasks and all has to be very coordinated for the day D. The pre-production is the most important; no parts could leave without resources, either money, information or material as well and only then we will get a great documentary. Even so we usually have to improvise, but luckily we are given fucking.

To carry out this madness and don’t have to mortgage your life, you have carried out various activities to raise money for this purpose, including, the Jarotea Party in the WITL headquarters in Barcelona and crowdfunding campaign in Verkami. What can you tell us about?

Leaving aside that we have already mortgaged our life as much in time as money …

The first thing we did in January was to sit with Thelema Artworks for preparing a communication campaign and extend our community facing the crowdfunding. Henceit has been born Metromedior, HelmetorIluminator, and Malletor.

Thanks to this campaign we get more than 4.000 followers on Facebook and many others in Instagram and Twitter in under a month. In parallel, we were working on updatingour website to be ready before the start of the campaign …  Busier than mummy!

Another key aspect of all of this was that we hired the great Valenti Acconcia, the guru of crowdfunding, our consultant and guidance to launch the project in Verkami.

And here we are in full campaign and now is like a shot (of popper) (laughs) … RUSH!

Regarding the Jaroteo Party, was a focused meeting to show one to one our next challenge and the start of the collection campaign…

About how was the party … What they told us … (We do not remember anything), it was fucking great, the people enjoyed and laughed a lot, that’s what matters to us. We take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and friends who made it possible:

Where is the limit, Moritz, Jägermeister, Razzmatazz, Barceloneta Bikes, Right Side Coffee, La Casita, Lucky Bastërds, The Hamsters, Macníficos, ACAB store, Caravan Made, My Beautiful Parking,Mabre, Bicious, Pacific & Co.

So far all was well … The matter has been complicated when the surprise guest appeared of cake with uniform and baton. We finished in total deficit and a lot of “fines” that have helped us for “tooters” and “papers” (laughs). But do not worry, it’s just a small bump in the road … we smoked larger joints and this is not going to stop far from it!

The Pedalea o Revienta’s Philosophy with your words. Offset and bikes is fully supported.

This is not to motivate anyone to lag, smoke, drink or whatever we do … We are anti-coaching. Our philosophy is to be ourselves and that’s what we show. Your will, your law. And that’s how we are doing…

Thanks to RAW for always being there and everyone who reads it!

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