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Pirelli P Zero Race 4S: Made in Italy, ridden worldwide

After years of experience in the motorsports world, Pirelli finally released their cycling-specific range of tires. As we participated in the Road Bike Connection 2022 we were introduced to several of their models, paying special attention to their latest release entirely developed and made in Italy, the P Zero Race 4S tire. This addition is intended to be the high-end road tire useful for all kinds of riding, from long training sessions to fast racing, and designed for all weather conditions throughout the year.

What is new

After customer feedback, research, and development around the predecessor P Zero Velo 4S model, the Race version represents the evolution of the best all-season model. This tire features an improved chemical formulation of the rubber, named SmartEVO Compound, which is guaranteed to have a better performance in terms of grip on wet and cold tarmac. Besides, the tire tread is slightly thicker so that the tire can be used for longer making it the ideal solution to cycle in every season without giving up on its racing soul, resulting in its name Race 4S.

In addition to that, the tire includes an inner layer called TechBELT, which provides both extra anti-puncture protection and allows fast and easy handling typical of the P Zero range giving a racing feeling. All of that comes with a 120 TPI casing that increases the tire resistance and reduces the chances of cuts and punctures.

Compared to the prior Velo model, the Race version is only 10 g heavier, due to the extra tread material to increase the lifetime of the tire, but still represents a fast-rolling tire. The tread pattern has not changed much, being slick in the center part and with some parallel diagonal lines on the sides to improve water drainage and offer cornering grip. The tire is available for 700c road wheels and comes in two sizes, 26 and 28 mm, with a weight of 240 and 260 g, respectively.

Our Insight

We had the opportunity to test the Pirelli P Zero race 4S 28 mm on disc carbon wheels. Besides, they were paired with the brand’s ultralight inner tubes P Zero smartube of only 35 g resulting in the perfect match. The first impression we got was the looks of the tire, full black with a small whitish logo, which matched the wheel and gave the bike an aggressive presence. In addition to that, we could see a logo claiming ‘Made in Italy’. As of that, both local design and manufacturing ensure faster communication between the company departments to offer the best product to the customer.

As we rode them we immediately felt their speed. We could easily accelerate and when cornering on fast turns we felt the grip they offer, giving us a sensation of security. On the other hand, when we rode on a descent and had to suddenly brake, we could wait until the last second as their response was instantaneous. We mostly tested them on dry tarmac, but we also rode through some shady sectors not even noticing the road was slightly wet. All in all, a very complete reassuring tire envisioned to ride fast in all weather conditions.

About Pirelli

In motorsports, the engine and the driver/rider are certainly important, but what can definitely be a game-changer is the choice of tires in terms of grip and wear. Pirelli is a renowned manufacturer in the world circuit of competitive motor-racing who, after years of experience, research and improvement, finally brought all their knowledge to the cycling community not long ago.

The Italian brand, as they launched their bike-specific products, decided to go all-in and not simply specialize in one discipline but cover a broad range from road to gravel and MTB. Their extensive background allowed them to bring Formula 1 and Superbike compounds to achieve excellent road grip, Rally WRC to provide superb handling capabilities on gravel, and Motocross DNA to create inequivalent patterns for MTB. All in all, they released a very complete catalog with tires for all cyclists, kinds of riding, weather conditions, and different quality ranges.