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POC Devour: glasses for uncluttered vision

Following its line of eyewear for specialized athletes, POC has recently released the new Devour. These will be your best ally for all kinds of riding and outdoor activities, providing extended visibility, great protection, and excellent comfort. As their creators define them, the perfect combination of the best features of sunglasses and goggles.

The Devour glasses are composed of two pieces: the lens and the frame. Together, they provide exceptional eye coverage and protection, as well as a maximized field of vision at a reduced weight of 40 g. The shape of the lens, continuously curved from the center to the sides, defines the way they adapt to your face, being a large flat surface with round edges. This follows the typical line of POC, with smooth lines but with a larger surface that, despite its size, allows for significant airflow.

The Clarity lens technology has been optimized for a fine-tuning of all the colors of the spectrum, making balanced transitions from light to shadow. Devour Clarity features UV400 protection and Ri-Pel lens treatment, which protects it from dirt, oil, or water, as well as an anti-scratch coating. The lenses come in different shades, and all models come with an exchangeable spare clear lens. By this, you will be able to wear them on all kinds of terrains and conditions, from road to mountain trails.

The sunglasses feature a fully adjustable nose piece and temples making them easy to fit your head and helmet. Also, the frame comes in different colors, from black and white to different shades of blue.

From POC Devour, we appreciate the uncluttered field of vision and the smooth continuous lines without sharp edges. Besides, they are easily adjustable and comfortable with neat lenses adapted for all lighting conditions. A great gateway to performance providing you with the ability to react to any danger.

Photos: POC

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