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POC Omne Eternal and its endless light source

Have you ever gone on a ride and forgotten to charge your GPS? What about your lights? Even though cycling computers might appear to be essential, nowadays, front and rear lights have become indispensable to feel safer on the road, providing more visibility on foggy days and even during daytime at plain sight. This is where POC saw the opportunity to provide a product for all, the Omne Eternal helmet, which incorporates a rear red light that, as its name indicates, does not require charging or turning it on. The helmet, which follows the characteristic POC line supplying maximum security and comfort, is expected to be released in June 2021.


The technology behind this development has been named Powerfoyle and consists of a set of flexible solar panels that are totally incorporated onto the surface of the helmet. This state-of-the-art material has the capability of absorbing light, no matter the light source (interior or exterior), and transforming it into electric energy. The cyclist simply needs to put on the helmet and the light will automatically turn on. Not only the power comes from a renewable source, but we will not need to remember to charge the light or turn it on and off.


The principal characteristic of the helmet is that the designers of the ‘Whole helmet concept™’ have maintained the particular aesthetics of POC, with its round smooth shape with large vents. Besides, the Powerfoyle films, as well as the rear light, are seamlessly integrated without compromising the design or aerodynamics. So far, the helmet has only been presented in black, which camouflages the presence of the foils, but we will surely see more designs in the future.

All in all, a promising technology that will provide an extra component of security for all the cyclists on the road. The POC Omne Eternal is not only an attractive design for all disciplines of cycling, from commuting to bikepacking, but the first innovation of a new range of products based on components with an endless source of energy, opening the door to exciting new products in cycling.

Photos: POC

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