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Restrap: Providing new storage solutions

This is not the first time we mention one of the Restrap products, as they have been continuously providing solutions to carry stuff on our rides. The British brand from Leeds has been growing over the years and now offers a wide collection of bags, from minimalist ultralight long-distance racing bags to everyday commuting gear. All of that without losing their essence and style.

In their quest to improve their products and provide real-life solutions, they have been expanding the range of bags they offer. From frame and saddle-bags to panier and even aerobar adapted bags, the catalog is extraordinary. All Restrap products follow a pitch-black line of high-quality waterproof materials to last all your life (as they offer a lifetime warranty) furnished with some orange sparks and their characteristic vegan-leather logo. In line with that, last month they extended and improved their offering.

Rear top tube bag

As a new addition to their ‘Carry Everything Range’, they have included a top tube bag that can be attached to the saddle post, at the rear of the frame top tube. It has a quarter-circle shape with a forward-facing zip. This is intended as the perfect add-on to maximize storage on the bike when frame space is limited (such as in small bikes) or all other attachment points have been used. With this, you will have a very accessible place to store either your tools, spares, food or other accessories in a separate compartment.

A simple zip closure allows for easy, one-handed access. An internal stiffening structure inside the bag keeps the bag upright and secure, while double-sided velcro straps on the base and rear of the bag provide two placements for holding. This allows you to tailor the bag for the perfect fit and avoid it moving sideways and touching your legs as you pedal.

Bar bag in different sizes

After great success over the years, the guys at Restrap have updated one of their most loved products, the bar bag. This model, which comprises a harness and a dry bag, has been proven to be the perfect mixture of function, carrying capacity, and practicality. Thus, they extended the range with two new models, the small and large bag, consisting of either 14 and 17 L of capacity.

Both bags now offer an upgraded handlebar attachment, using spring-loaded cam-lock buckles for hassle-free and secure attachment. Moreover, both models are supplied with a tape-sealed and 100% waterproof 14L double roll dry bag.

The harness has an elastic drawcord (orange or black) on the top that allows for quick and easy storage on the move and provides accessible storage for jackets, gloves, and other accessories. Included are foam spacers, that allow you to ride on the tops and fit lights, a GPS, a bell, or other handlebar accessories besides fitting your aerobars.

The difference between the two bags relies on the capacity, as the larger 17 L option includes a removable 3 L food pouch held in place with Fidlock fittings, with a new retention system for extra security on rough off-road terrain. There is also a medium option, that consists of the small 14 L bar bag with an extra pouch of 1.5 L. All in all, the guys at Restrap have not only expanded their product offering but also provided us with a wide selection that adapts to all needs.

Photos: Restrap