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RooDol. Wherever you are

RooDol is much more than a simple roller. It is the result of a personal project, an illusion, many hours of work and effort, invest money, hours of testing and sleep little, and everything, to achieve what they both wanted: a product of high quality, innovative and unique.

The Moya brothers, Jordi and Juan, are two young entrepreneurs, who are passionate about their work and their minds do not cease to generate brilliant ideas to give shape to your brand and everything that surrounds it.

It all started a few years ago when Jordi, in love with the bike and addicted to competition, participating in mountain racing (MTB). It was common to see many riders carry heavy and bulky rollers minutes before each race to warm up and be ready to kick off. See this situation every weekend served to draw inspiration and arise the idea of manufacturing a roller removable, lightweight and easy to transport.

He explained the idea to his brother Juan and together, thanks to his knowledge of design and mechanical engineering, they got to work and didn’t stop to have a functional prototype.

Nowadays, already marketed successfully its first two models: the COMPACT and the TRACK.

There are many professional riders who use RooDol in all their competitions. Cycling teams, clubs, stores, and even some event with great impact at the international level have opted for them, synonymous with that everything they do, do it well.

RooDol Compact

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 4,5Kg
  • Maximum weight supported: 125Kg
  • Dimensions: 950mm x 120mm x 200mm

RooDol Track

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Maximum weight supported: 125Kg
  • Dimensions: 950mm x 160mm x 200mm

And, if you are of those who think that train at roller is boring, forget such idea. The guys at RooDol have managed to create an application for mobile devices that allows you to, by connecting Bluetooth LE with Cadence and heart rate sensors make your training a lot more entertaining.

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