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The Long Way Around movie

Four explorers decided to hop on their bikes and adventure themselves on a trip around the devastated deep woods of the American west. A group of friends (Lael Wilcox, Erik Nohlin, Rugile Kaladyte, and Chris Burkard) simply loaded up their outdoor gear on a bicycle and a specially designed backpack, and set out to discover what riding and hiking through controlled burning fires represented. For that they decided to cross the Sierra by climbing it up on gravel bikes, straight up hike-a-bike through the national park and sequoia woods (literally walking with trekking poles and their bikes on the back since vehicles are not allowed in the park), and descending back to civilization. A journey that they had been planning for a while but that they had to reroute up to three times before starting it due to the brutal wildfires that affect the area more and more each year. It was a challenging scenario in which they were able to experience the wilderness close to home, they realized about the impact of the fires and what was left out, and above of all, they ended up with a complete feeling of sobering up, freedom, and satisfaction.

This is the context in which ‘The Long Way Around’ movie appeared. Directed by Chris Burkard and produced by Mike Sandifer, in the following link you will find a glimpse of what their hike-a-bike adventure turned out to be. Take some time to evade yourself and see if they managed to find what they were looking for out there.

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