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The wait is over: Among the Giants is back

It has been a long time since our last encounter with the giants. It was in the heart of the Swiss Alps that we last saw each other, and 659 days have passed since we returned home.

During all this time, a lot has happened and, sadly, the world has changed drastically. Despite this, and having to cancel the plans we had for 2020, we have taken the opportunity to reflect, organize ideas and prepare for what is next to continue moving forward with projects like Among the Giants as soon as possible.

In these months we have missed that freedom feeling of riding for long hours surrounded by huge mountains. However, today we are fortunate to be able to announce the beginning of the path to a new edition of Among the Giants. A new destination, a new group, new giants to overcome, and the same purpose as in previous years.

Furthermore, the presentation of the next adventure is accompanied by some surprises that we could not miss the opportunity to share with all of you.

The book of Among the Giants – Helvetic Lands

Something that makes us especially excited is the moment in which we return home and begin to gather all the content that we have created during the trip to then materialize it in the form of a book. It is usually a long and tended process to which the team ends up dedicating many hours but, once you finally have a copy in your hands, you realize that the effort has been worth it.

This book illustrates the experience that the fifteen people that shaped the last edition had during those fantastic days in Switzerland. Throughout the nearly 100 pages of the book, one can find a curated selection of high-quality photos by Brazo de Hierro, a narration of the different days that we spent there. the recipes of the dishes that our friend and chef Mario Martínez Valiente prepared for us each day and, also, the details of the routes we did with the help of Komoot.

For this occasion we were also helped by Victor Bercero (@lastleaders) and Alex Calfer (@1990ers), who were in charge of leading the entire design and layout process of the book, taking care of all the details, and obtaining an excellent product as output.

The book is now available in our store. Only 100 units have been printed and, of all those who acquire a copy, we will carry out a raffle of a spot for the next edition of Among the Giants.

ATG3 video by Mario Cranks

In each edition of ATG, we have worked hard to turn it into a unique experience for the trip participants. In the case of Switzerland, we were fortunate to be able to count on some value-adding factors compared to other years, such as having the support of Mario Cranks, who was in charge of capturing some unforgettable moments, for later, creating a summary video that keeps bringing us back to those unique roads.

ATG4 in 2021

We believe that, even though we still are in a delicate epidemiological situation, it is time to take a step forward and organize a new edition of Among the Giants.

The destination and dates are set (soon we will announce them), and now we are at the point where we have to select the candidates who will join us in this new adventure. Remember that ATG is an invite-only event (you can only get a place if you receive an explicit invitation) and the type of profile we are looking for are cyclists from around the world, in good shape (it is a physically demanding trip), that can contribute in a special or different way to the world of cycling either because of their role, experience, or for any other relevant reason. If you think you meet these requirements and are interested in participating in ATG4, you can write to us at ride@amongthegiants.com.

Translation: Javi Angulo

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