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Transpyrenees 2020 / Film

It is not the first time we are mentioning the guys from Transibérica Ultracycling and some of their long-distance events around the Iberian peninsula. Recently they released a recap video of the 2020 Transpyrenees, which was their first race as organizers already counting with two previous editions.

The event, which passes along the Pyrenees border mountain range between Spain and France, provided the participants an incomparable landscape to ride the mountains from east to west, a 1,000 km long route with 27,000 m of elevation gain between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Throughout the race, the riders visited some of the highly renowned and toughest mountain passes of the cycling scene.

In the movie produced by Peter of the Spoon, we will be able to enjoy some of the most unbelievable landscapes of the route and discover more details about the Transpyrenees. On the other side, in this visual documentary, we can get a glimpse of the toughness of the event: the emotions, the fatigue, the changing weather, the motivation, the constant fight with oneself, and finally the reward for completing the challenge.

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