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TransPyrenees 2022: The movie

Crossing the Pyrenees mountain range by bike from north to south is a relatively easy feat. However, going in the perpendicular direction represents a clear challenge no matter if you start in the Atlantic or in the Mediterranean. For cycle-touring enthusiasts this trip has become a must, as the route partially covers the most emblematic climbs and passes of the Tour and la Vuelta. Nonetheless, challenges do not stop there, as the TransPyrenees ultradistance race from TransIberica Ultracycling is the ultimate non-stop self supported test for the most demanding ones.

Some days ago the movie about TransPyrenees 2022 was released. This year’s edition started from Llançà (Spain) on June 25 and, despite the sun shining at the start line, it all turned into a wet and cold hell. A total of 1.080 km and +25.000 m of elevation gain is already a lot to endure, but covering those under unpleasant weather conditions is a real test for both mind and body.

The movie, produced by Bridge Agency, lets the viewer see how the race went by with images from the start, during the race, and the end where the strongest ones arrived in San Sebastián. The images talk by themselves, we can see drone shots of the immensity of the mountains, follow-ups of riders grinding their teeth (and gears) through the mist, and stills of shivering bodies under the rain. All of that accompanied by testimonials of the participants that talk about their expectations and sensations before and after the race. It is not just a race about crossing the Pyrenees from coast to coast but all the sacrifices you have made before to get there.