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Transylvania by Cycle Me Home

Cycle Me Home for who knows some about fixed gear it has been and is one of the first projects of cyclist adventure on a “fixed”. I remember watching the projection done in Barcelona a few years ago, of the Levi’s travel crossing almost all of Europe, from Madrid to Budapest and I remember that it was one of most inspiring videos for me and for us as a magazine, not so much the performance if not the concept.

With this first video I think it has motivated many people, or simply has managed to create a new cycling concept where the center of it all is the almost mystical experience of some friends who take them bike and start a colossal adventure with the bare minimum and with very little idea of ​​what will be the real route and still less what will bring them the travel.

Somehow a tribute to Kerouac, to the road, to the continuous search of adventure…

In Cycle Me Home we fully reflect the raw cycling part which we like, bikes, friends, adventure, beers and, why not, a little madness.

We wanted to see the last trip of Levi and the Ciclos La Universal guys in Transylvania, so we organized a mini premiere at home; couch, projector, beer and enjoy.

From the minute one you move to landscapes where you would like to be there immediately. The reality of the place. A voice-over that makes you part of the experience. Flora and fauna like the dog that wants to join the team. A team fascinated by what happens around them and recording in their memories an experience that will be part of them forever.

Crossing the most dangerous roads, fighting against physical and mental fatigue. Roads that seem to have no end. Teamwork. This is the essence for this group of friends, simply find the true adventurer, traveler and cyclist of yourself. The cycle Travellers.

To understand it, one day you’d have to take your bike and jump into the road. If you can dream it, surely you can do it.

And as when a show or a movie finish and you liked, you would only get up from the chair, clapping and shouting, “Bravo, bravo!”

Participation in festivals and awards:

  • Independent Film Festival, Budapest – Best road movie
  • Rueda Festival Internacional de cinema ciclista, Barcelona – Honorable Mention
  • Interfilm, International short film festival, Berlin
  • Montanha Pico, Azores
  • Bicycle Film Festival, Madrid
  • Dutch Mountain Film Festival, Heerlen, Netherlands
  • Shaff – Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, UK
  • Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, Wales

Selection confirmed:

  • Ozark Foothills Film Festival, Arkansas, USA

Official trailer

Some pictures:

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