About us

It has been many months now since our first contact with the fixed gear world and after riding a couple hundred miles, changing many bike tubes, attend a lot of events and organizing many others, we meet new people and create new friendships, we have decided to start a new project. Our own magazine.

RAW is a magazine where we want to reflect our passion for cycling, our ideas, and projects, events that take place in the local and international levels, the stories behind the most important people and everything related to the bike world.

As its name means, we want to reflect the pure essence of fixed gear. Covering the most important events and the culture that takes part of the fixed scene.

This idea came forward, eager and a lot of willpower, but above all, with the support of many people who believe in us and this project, hopefully, this will only be the beginning of a very promising future.

RAW:  uncooked, tender, untrained, unprocessed, pure