About us

It has been many months now since our first contact with the fixed gear world and after riding a couple of hundred miles, changing many bike tubes, attend a lot of events and organizing many others, we meet new people and create new friendships, we have decided to start a new project. Our own magazine.

RAW is a magazine where we want to reflect our passion for cycling, our ideas, and projects, events that take place in the local and international levels, the stories behind the most important people and everything related to the bike world.

As its name means, we want to reflect the pure essence of fixed gear. Covering the most important events and the culture that takes part of the fixed scene.

This idea came forward, eager and a lot of willpower, but above all, with the support of many people who believe in us and this project, hopefully, this will only be the beginning of a very promising future.

RAW: Uncooked, tender, untrained, unprocessed, pure

Our team

Pol SopeñaPol Sopeña

Passionate about cycling and racing. Pol is always ready for living a new bike adventure and he really loves the feeling of putting a new race number in his jersey and takes part in cyclocross races.

Javi AnguloJavi Angulo

Graduated in Business Sciences, Javi tries to compensate for his obsessive passion with data analytics with the relaxing action (that's what he says) of creating content for the magazine.

Toni de la TorreToni de la Torre

He is the engine and fuel for all the projects he creates, develops and finishes. Toni is a co-founder of the mag, and he is a methodical, hard worker like no one else, he seems to have a strange tendency of getting involved in cyclist projects.

Victor BerceroVictor Bercero

With underground origins, Victor has a lot of experience and a great talent for design, he brings creativity, originality and knowledge in all his works and ideas.

Sergio QuerpacheSergio Querpache

He is an uncommonly gourmet, precise and perfectionist, a cyclist with category and he’s also a great performer on his bike. His weakness is handmade bikes, which he considers pieces of art and he’s an expert in the topic.

Stefano RizzardiStefano Rizzardi

He’s the bad boy of the magazine but also he's a very important part of it. Stefano is co-founder and responsible for the majority of the content that is been published, apart from having great ideas and being a perfect moderator at key points.