About us

On most occasions, what defines you as a project is not what you do but the way you do it. In our case, we commit to the quality of everything we put our hands-on, no matter what it is about. We put a lot of effort to give our best an try to obtain the best possible output.

Our editorial line is focused on road cycling, gravel cyclocross, and everything else related to outdoor adventures and lifestyle. We do interviews, write about videos and cover competitions and events around the world, always from our personal and authentic point of view.

Furthermore, we love to support all those brands that trust in RAW through quality content for their products. Content such as unique stories and customized projects that fit with the goals of each of them. We try to be creative at all times, striving for added value in every item and trying to stay away from the traditional advertising.

Since the beginning we have been strong believers of the power of synergies and, nowadays, we are still true to our philosophy. This is why we always try to work shoulder to shoulder and collaborate with the brands that believe in our project.


RAW Cycling Magazine was born in September 2013 in a natural way from the passion and the willingness to create a digital space for the fixed gear world and the underground side of cycling, not only on a national level (Spain) but internationally too.

After a few years immersed in the world of urban cycling, we decided to broaden our portfolio and start covering other disciplines that could bring us uncountable possibilities to live unique experiences, travel, race, and continue enjoying and writing about what we love the most, cycling in its pure essence.

RAW: Uncooked, tender, untrained, unprocessed, pure


We rely on a great workforce comprised of professionals and enthusiasts of cycling that invest a large part of their time in the project to offer maximum quality content to our readers with which all of us can continue discovering, learning, and enjoying this wonderful way of life.