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ATAKA. The Iron Curtain by Attaquer

During all this time working as a magazine we have had the occasion of meeting a lot of different people, many travels (although never is enough), and collaborate with big brands. But one of the things that we really like is the synergies created inside of the circle surrounding RAW Cycling Magazine and that, on occasions, allows us to participate in interesting projects.

This case was a special collaboration. In first place, because came of hands of our friend Brazo de Hierro who is always a pleasure to work with him, and in second, because we should work with the brand of clothes Attaquer, which we consider one of the most innovative brand as regards design, fabrics and finishes worldwide.

Brand originating in Australia and created in 2012 by Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin, both cycling enthusiasts for years, it is intended to break all the rules and create collections with designs that only a few dare to produce, accompanied by a high quality and finishes and considered as one of the TOP in the current market.

This time we had the privilege of knowing their latest collection limited edition inspired by the Soviet Union and have been baptized as: ATAKA – The Iron Curtain.

We would like to show you a small advance and hope that you like as we do.

Why do you chose Russia as inspiration for your latest limited collection?

Attaquer’s brand philosophy since the beginning has always been to bring an element of fashion and street-wear to the world of cycling. Some of the coolest street-wear is coming out of Russia at the moment, with designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy leading the way. There is a real trend in high fashion crossing over with retro sportswear and Eastern Euro styling. So, for this season I felt it makes perfect sense for the Attaquer Limited collection to take inspiration from the current trend and bring it to cycling. Each individual kit design also has its own inspiration within the story, things like, football, military, internet art, chintz sport and so on.

When do you have planned to release it?

We are aiming to release the collection Tuesday 21th Feb at 9:00am AEST.

Is not your first collaboration with Brazo de Hierro. Can you explain us what do you like of his job?

We first met Brazo de Hierro last year through our Red Hook Crit Team, Dosnoventa x Attaquer. I immediately loved his style of photography and knew I wanted to work with him, so we arranged to shoot last seasons Limited Collection campaign with him in Barcelona. Not only is his photography style fantastic, but Brazo is also an awesome guy to work with. He just understands the project and he really delivers exactly what we need.

What about your plans in Europe?

We do have some exciting plans for Europe this year and we are always looking for new and interesting opportunities. Like always though, we don’t share our plans until its time, so you’ll have to wait and see what we have coming up :)

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