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Bar Pack, the all-rounder bag from Restrap

Turn your racing bike into the ideal commuter, or your gravel bike into the perfect bikepacking ally. This is what bags that easily strap to your handlebars, frame, or saddle have allowed us without the need of attaching any screws or buying specific racks.

Among the many options that we can find in the collection of Restrap, they have recently launched the Bar Pack. This is a handlebar bag designed for daily use but also for intense gravel bikepacking and multiple-day adventures.

Restrap is a British company that exclusively focuses on luggage products for our bikes. They started in a back bedroom in 2010 and they have grown to be a full company producing a wide variety of products. They always make everything by hand and every item is there to fill in the market with new solutions. As they claim, ‘we aim to invent, improve and innovate – not just reproduce what is already available’.

The Bar Pack, which comes in either black or orange, consists of a 10 L top-roll bag with a pocket on the front. It is completely waterproof and the roll system allows to adapt the inside volume easily. The front pocket is covered with a flap and is designed to carry a conventional u-lock and attach a small light to it. The back of the bag is made of a semi-rigid material allowing it to be more stable. To attach to the bike, two straps with a lock are placed on top, which allow a tight fit but at the same time a fast removal. For the extra fitting, a velcro strap can be attached to the head tube. A nylon webbing on top will give you more freedom by allowing you to store your gloves, gilet, or other accessories while riding.

Following Restrap’s simple mantra: ‘design, build, ride’, this bag is designed as a ‘plug-and-play’ system. Just attach it to your handlebars and ride through the city maze or into the wildest unknown places.

Photos: Restrap

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