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Coros DURA: From trail running to ultracycling

The number of available GPS devices to track your training sessions or guide you on your bikepacking trips has certainly increased in the last few years. With huge brands already established in the market, it takes a lot of work to develop a ground-breaking product that will compete with a succession of gradual improvements. The brand Coros is launching today its first cycling-centered GPS bike computer, the Coros DURA. It features a record-breaking battery lifetime, an integrated solar cell recharging system, an easy-to-use touchscreen screen, responsive software, and all you would expect from a high-performing bike computer.

Coros has been producing GPS watches for a while now, and when they first came out in May 2018, they already changed the way we perceive these devices. Ever since, they have been improving their products and releasing lighter, more durable, longer battery, and more cost-effective watches for track, trail, or adventure running. A clear example of their success is their support of professional athletes like Kilian Jornet in trail running or the marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge.

In this regard, when they started envisioning the fabrication of a cycling computer, they also relied on cyclists that are experts on adventure ultracycling and long-distance racing in all disciplines like Haley Smith, Cole Paton, Freddy Ovett, Hannah Otto, and Amity Rockwell. They have tested it to the limit in long-distance endurance races such as the Traka 360 and Unbound 200, as well as the tight corners of the Nové Město Mountain Bike World Cup.

Features that stand out and review

The major highlight in our opinion from the DURA is the extended battery lifetime of 120 hours in GPS mode after fully recharging. This is achieved through adequate control of the GPS signal, a performant screen, and fine control of the software. Besides, the battery lifetime can be extended up to 2 extra hours of ride time per hour from solar charging. Thus, you will worry less when traveling by bike or participating in ultracycling events.

Despite the screen might demand a lot of battery consumption, its quality is not compromised. It comprises a fully customizable 2.7″ MIP color touchscreen with an adaptive backlight that is completely responsive. Besides, it has a digital dial and a single button to extend the functionality. This results in a device easily controllable with one finger and simple and safe to use on the bike.

In terms of navigation, it relies on different localization systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou, QZSS) that it will automatically choose to improve the precise positioning. However, when using dual-frequency satellite tracking, the battery lifetime is reduced to 70 hours, which is still a lot and we can add on the solar charging. Moreover, there is turn-by-turn and smart rerouting powered by Google Maps and built-in global offline maps for navigation on all types of terrain. Nonetheless, you can always create your routes in the Coros app or download them from your favorite apps such as Strava and Komoot.

Something they highlight is the easy synchronization, plus the complete compatibility with other units like their watches and sensors so that you can get a complete fitness insight and analysis of your activities. Besides, DURA is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ so you can use other brands’ devices like heart rate monitors, powermeters, or electronic shifters.

Another feature we appreciate is the neat design with straight lines, the side dial, and the aero-holder. It might look simple but it will perfectly integrate all bikes regardless of it being a road or mountain bike. Moreover, it is made of premium materials and it is IP67 water and dust-resistant.

Last but not least, as was the case for GPS watches, the price of the DURA is very competitive compared to similar units, which will make you think twice when you need to get a new unit or replace your old one. For now, you can only order it on their website, but we will have to wait till mid-July to receive the first units at home.

In summary, and in the absence of being able to try it in first person, Coros DURA promises to be a very complete cycling computer providing something for everyone. It will adapt to both your daily trips and bikepacking rides, or short races and ultra-distance events, giving you all the functionalities you need to enjoy the bike and worry less.

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