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Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR: Stability and versatility for your adventures

The worldwide known brand of waterproof bags Ortlieb presents its new saddle bag for bikepacking, the Seat-Pack QR. A bag with a 13 liter volume capacity and with a similar appearance to what we were already used to from the German brand, but with the peculiarity of including a new attachment system that has surprised us very positively.

Without a doubt, the most relevant aspect of this new version of the well-known saddlebag is the way it is attached to the saddle. A system called Seat-Lock consists of a structure that incorporates two resistant hooks which attach the bag to the saddle rails in a quick and easy way, providing very good stability to the whole set.

At first glance, it seems that this improvement adds some weight to the bag, but in the time that we have been able to test it, we have seen first hand that the extra support provided by this new system is very beneficial. In particular, when we are on steep slopes and we have to stand up to pedal, the bag does not swing from one side to the other, but rather that it is well fixed. In addition, at the bottom, the bag has a reinforcement to prevent the weight of the load or poor management of the content from causing the bag to deform downwards.

The Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR fits a wide range of seatposts, including dropper posts. The only recommendation coming from Ortlieb is not to use this system with saddles with carbon fiber rails or carbon fiber seatposts. This is not only because of the resistance properties of this material, but also because of the dimensions of the rails, since aluminum rails have a diameter of 7 mm while in the case of carbon they are 9 or 10 mm thick.

Looking at the other parts of the Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR, we see really resistant and waterproof materials, prepared for any situation that we can find outside. This bag is prepared for any rainy or dusty situations, and its abrasion-resistant material will make sure nothing can prevent us from continuing riding.

Leaving aside the attaching system, we also find different elements that provide versatility to the whole. The elastic cord, which is located at the top, is really useful for carrying anything that we either need to quickly access to or does not fit inside the bag. The deflation valve of the Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR allows us to empty the bag of air (already recognized in most models of the brand) once we have it completely closed in order to minimize the volume as much as possible. It is not something that is going to reduce weight, but it will allow us to have everything more compacted. Finally, the reflectors located on the back of the bag are really functional and will make us more visible during all our adventures.

In summary, the new Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR meets all the brand’s standards, being an improved saddle bag that provides better stiffness and integration with the bicycle. At the same time, it adapts to any trip and situation as it offers great storage capacity, it is waterproof and has high wear resistance.