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Rolling Habits: Tour d’Afrique

There are people who are not satisfied, who the conventional or how easy is not part of his life. Some time ago we told you the story of Rolling Habits, the alter ego of our friend Sergio de Arrola who a bit more than one month ago presented us his book USA part 01, where he shows us part of their adventure through the snapshots made during his stay in the United States.

As if that wasn’t enough, he has a new destination and the battery charged to 110%. We have the great pleasure to be able to tell you a bit more about this new challenge. Be attentive, because this promises a great deal!


10 countries, 94 days of adventure and 12.076 km on the continent that many call the cradle of life: Africa.

1. Can you tell us how this new adventure is going to be?

Broadly speaking, it will be as you have described. It’s a tour through 10 countries with riders of various nationalities and for four months. It’s considered one of the epic 7 routes in the world.

It will be hard to ride so many days non-stop. Almost 50 days was the maximum that I’ve ridden and the body was almost to the limit. I cannot imagine how it is going to be after 120 days of travel and 94 of cycling.

I guess I’ll be skinny as if I had gone to a rave all summer at Goa and with a farmer’s tan.  Chocolate and cream as my good friend Lete would say.

2. Why did you decide Africa as your new destination? Is there any special reason?

I decided the trip at Dosnoventa headquarter with Juanma and Dani. I was suggesting them adventures to see if they lent me a bike he, he, and as soon as I mentioned Africa their eyes glowed. And as I believe lots in the impulses, from that moment it was clear that my next destination will be crossing Africa.

It catches my attention very much because it’s without doubt the continent least I know, excluding Oceania. What attracts me is the origin of everything, is the most punished continent but probably also the most beautiful and full of life. I think it will be a trip that will change my life. I’m going to see many things that I have never seen and feel new sensations every day. I’m waiting anxious to see the deserts of Sudan and reach Nairobi cycling through the suburbs.

3. We know that there are areas of Africa that are unsettled and some of the stages can be dangerous; do you have any type of security measures?

The tour is fairly organized, and even if each one rides every day to his fate, there are days when I guess we ride with any escort or extra security. There are areas such as Sudan where there could be problems because every day they come to blows among them. I hope to see it from a distance and have no problem in that sense. I trust in the people goodness although I will be attentive to everything what could come.

4. How are you preparing yourself for this new challenge?

I am getting the diet of the stubby. Also I am taking much foie gras and many prawns this Christmas… he, he, he.

Now joking aside, I’m trying to keep fit but it has been difficult with so much logistic preparation and so much Christmas party. I have always thought that to ride bike a long time is preferable to have much moral than a good pair of legs, so, I inherited it from my grandmother, I hope to get fit during the first days of the trip.

My main goal is to portray the African continent with my 35 mm camera. I am not a professional cyclist and I’m going to enjoy, although, to be honest then I spur me on even if I ride bike alone… he, he, he.

5. From your last adventure in the USA, Lessons & Learn for this new challenge? What will be your luggage?

I learned to be patient on the bike, to have fun alone and laugh at situations not so much funny. There are important things because there are many kilometres to despair and problems will arise at all hours and in all places. So “take it easy” as they say in USA.

6. Can you tell us who will be your best partner in this challenge, your bike?

On this occasion I will ride with an orange fluorine spaceship that my Dosnoventa friends have given me. It’s a CX Helsinki model with disc brakes and everything assembled with Shimano and Deda. It’s a fucking wonder. It’s a very solid bike and I am delighted how it responds in all situations. In the city is very fast and as soon as you leave the asphalt it responds like an off-road bicycle. I am looking forward to test it by the mud of Kenya or the desert of Egypt.

I think that it’s a versatile bike that will give me exactly what I need. In addition it’s orange, so the Africans are going to freak out…

7. From the photographic point of view on this trip, what will you expect to find “Rolling Habits”?

I hope to find a continent full of opportunities. I guess I will see very hard things, but what interests me most of Africa is progress, the desire to live and move forward, the contrast of the “third world” with “first world”. Finally I think I’m going to realise what I already know, that we are not so different however much we are from the South or North and we all want the same, live, raise our children and let us do this peaceful. We tend to think that we are very different, but I don’t think so. They are nothing more than nuances.

8. Unlike your first trip in USA this time you have the support of brands which do not want to miss the opportunity to take part of this. Tell us a bit of this.

As I’ve already told you, I have the support of Dosnoventa which has trusted in me from the beginning. Arnette has gotten fully into the project with great enthusiasm. I also have your support and the Santa Fixie family who has provided all spare parts. In addition my feet will remain warm thanks to the Pacific&Co. girls.

The last to have gotten into the project are the TwoNav guys, who will guide me with your GPS through all Africa. It’s a luxury that such brands believe in this project.

9. As usual, Who would you give thanks?

Well, thanks to my family for trusting my madness, to my girlfriend Barbara to be what I need, to my dog Rula, to all my friends in Madrid and Barcelona, in particular to Nacho Blumen for taking part of this project, to my sponsors, especially to Dosnoventa family (Juan, Juanma, Dani, Uri, Edgar, Pau,…), to Rami from Arnette, to the Swinton Gallery (Goyo and Sergio) to show my work done in USA and be so nice people. And to you to give me support since I came back from USA and interviewed me several times in your media that I really admire.

Long life to RAW Cycling Mag!

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