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Linda Jakubone from SHE FIX (Riga, Latvia)

In this interview from RAW we decided to devote our attention to the crew of SHE FIX, talking with Linda Jakubone, mind, soul, founder and surely one of the leaders of this great movement of fixed gear for girls from Riga. Let’s find out more about the reckless “blonde” and her group of girls.

1. Can you tell us what represent SHE FIX?

We, girls and not simply girls, but girls on fixed gear bikes, who look like fairies and ride like monsters. Our passion for bikes brings us out in the world.

SHE FIX is an organization which gathers girls with same passion for bikes, adventures and design. We are the movement!

2. How and when starts the project? Who take part of it?

In the year 2011 I was one of the few girls who rode a fixed gear in Riga, Latvia, there were more than 3 and I decided to make a simple video showing girls riding fixed gear. I borrowed a Go Pro from my friends, told them about my idea and they were interested in helping to make our first video. They gave us professional filming crew help. Then I left Latvia for a while and the project stopped, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I came back, we finished editiong the video. Then with the help of my designer friend Dmitry Zagga, we made a logo and we finished the project. In February 2012, we launched “She Fix Eightwheel” and then BOOM!!! Europe exploded – we had messages from all around the Europe, and even further – Australia and USA. They asked us what we do, what our plan and our vision is and by then we didn’t have answers to all these questions, because we didn’t expect attention like that. So we started looking for answers to these questions.

First – we are riders full with passion and energy. Besides riding, we organize events, training courses and now we’re working on a couple of clothing design projects. We are exactly where we want to be and we know what we want to do.

Founders and owners of SHE FIX:

  • Linda Jakubone
  • Hristina Satalova
  • Marika Arro

Team members:

  • Paula Nainisa
  • Emily Mikalauska
  • Viktorija Mezniece
  • Beate Skvorcova
  • Elina Teresina
  • Elza Ozolite

And we are sure to grow bigger!

3. Disciplines like Minidrome/freestyle are very developed in NORTH EUROPE… What is the specific discipline where SHE FIX team is riding now?

We are riding in the minidrome, like crazy, we love it and we are proud to have one in Riga. Trying to get some bmx freestyle skills, also BMXrace. We had some pretty amazing time at Red Bull Tru Fix last summer, which was a super sick crazy race and we survived and won, also the bloodiest crush contest. Oh, my….If we had some serious Criterium organized here, we would fight with all our energy there too. But anyhow, we’re riding because we love it, let it be minidrome or freestyle, or criterium, There is nothing we wouldn’t try.

4. Fixed Gear scene in Riga

Hotspot – Monsterparks! We have the best indoor skatepark in the Baltics and probably one of the best in Europe. Thanks to Mind Work Ramps, the guys who also built the minidrome and a pretty rad skatepark in the city centre, on the river side, the sunset is amazing there.

If you come to Riga, you better contact one of the crews, like us (SHE FIX), or Tru Fix Kru, Piens Velo, I’m sure that we can find a damn original way to show you around and present our cycling culture.

Also it’s very important when you choose to come, because we’re a northern country and it’s possible that it is freezing here, but we still ride…haha. Best time to visit us is the summertime of course. If you’re coming, just contact one of us and we can figure something out. Summer time is pretty full with events, late night rides and Riga is amazing by itself – we have very nice spots to chill, ride and party!

5. FIXED WEEKEND RIGA. Can you tell us more about this event?

In the summer of 2013, we, SHE FIX, decided to combine all fixed gear activities in one event. With the help of our friends Piens Velo and Tru Fix Kru, we organized the first Fixed Weekend in the beginning of summer and then one in the end of summer (June and August). This year it will happen from 6th -8th of June and then the other one on the last weekend of August.

Alleycat, Dragrace, Nightrides, Fixed Gear Freestyle, Minidrome, Skidfest, Trackstand, Backyard Criterium, Slowrace and a party of course is what you get on Fixed Weekend. We are pretty excited on what will happen this year. Each minidrome race is getting more and more interesting, because we find more talented young guys and girls – last minidrome race, 15 year old Ralfs really stressed-out our own Toms Alsbergs in the finals. But I think that’s what it’s all about – grow our community bigger, find new talents, share this passion together and have a great afterparty. So, yeah, everybody’s welcome! Latvians are friendly, so I think finding somebody who could host you won’t be a problem, Riga also has a bunch of nice hostels. See you on June 6 then?

6. In your opinion why girls of north Europe are more motivated to get into fixed scene and races? What can u suggest in general to girls that wants to get into this amazing world?

I think, it could be because our city Riga is suitable for fixed gear. It’s not too big, it’s flat and everywhere you want to go, you can go with your fixie. But maybe we’re just more active – filming videos, organizing special events for girls, and also we have the minidrome, that could be the answer.

And, girls, if you want to get into this amazing world – bikes, friends, fun, adrenaline, just get on the bike and pedal, pedal till you get wet, train, be active and don’t let the guys says that you will not make it and your place is in the kitchen, fuck it, just do it!

7. Rad Race. What do you think of the event of Berlin? Can you make us a small resume of the results of SHE FIX in BERLIN?

First day we raced on sprint race, we (Linda, Hristina, Marika) got into the semifinals, in the finals Hristina brought the 3rd place medal for SHE FIX collection.

Minidrome, hah, you can imagine…Every time we race against each other, but the reason we travel around to participate in the minidrome races is to try new blood. Berlin minidrome rules are different as ours, you do not race 10 laps on time, but you race till one gives up and then the showtime can begin. I think people love our skills, they like to watch how we fight, no one of us wants to give up. Some very rad moments we had, but at the end of it all we smile, because we’re having fun. Podium of minidrome:

  • 3rd – Viktorija Mezniece
  • 2nd – Marika Arro
  • 1st – Emilija Mikalauska

We didn’t register for the Rad Race, I just missed it and some of us didn’t want to pay 20 euros for a race, but anyhow, Emilija managed to have the place of Sandra Theil and she managed to show very nice results, she get in to the finals and finished the 7th.

8. What is She Fix a part bike?

We are a family, we will support each other on competition, in the streets, in the simple life situations and we will support each others ideas to make something new and to move forward in life. Some of girls where friends before, but mostly we know each other just for a year. Girls are like sisters and they call me as mom and that’s funny, but that’s our family. This is why I started the project – I understood that if we work as a team instead of only seeing each other as competitors, we can go big, as you see!

Then there are some great friendships born with other families in this movement. MadCity Rides and Cycle Me Home mean a world to SHE FIX. The friendship with the initiator of MadCity Rides Quique Arias, also the owner of la Bicicleta cycling café in Madrid, dates way back to 2009, when Hristina and Quique met each other in Mallorca. They started sharing their passion for bikes, exchanging ideas and stayed in touch since. A couple of years later Levi from CMH came to Madrid and met Quique, who in turn, brought CMH and SHE FIX together. Through a great event in Riga, another new friendship was born. There are many great people with amazing ideas out there!

9. SHE FIX is a very charming CREW/TEAM…It’s like a storm of fast/awesome/crazy girls riding and having fun! What’s in your opinion the secret of SHE FIX?

Thank you for these kind words… Secret?! Hah, maybe active and healthy lifestyle, girls who know what they want and girls who love sports.

10. Small phrase of your passion for cycling.

NO BRAKES! Look like a fairy, ride like a monster!

11. Thanks to…

Dmitry Zagga, Ritvars Bluka, Davis Zelcans, Quique Arias – Labicicleta Café, Dave Anderson and Piens Velo, Monsterpark, Kaspars Alksnis and The Rolling, Jolanta Senkane, Tru Fix Kru and everyone else who support us with their help our ideas our just believe in us, and of course – girls, thank you!

More info: www.shefix.org

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