CeramicSpeed Introduces OSPW X for SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission

CeramicSpeed has broadened its horizons with the new OSPW X for SRAM’s Eagle AXS Transmission groupsets, ushering in a significant development in the cycling world. The attention given to every detail in this product emphasizes CeramicSpeed’s dedication to improvement and performance enhancement. Let’s take a first look at the key features of this cutting-edge upgrade, revamping SRAM’s Eagle transmission.

Key features

The OSPW X showcases the Further Drive technology, which introduces a novel cage structure to bolster the durability of the SRAM Eagle drivetrain, used both for gravel and mountain biking, without adding any superfluous weight. This innovation speaks volumes of the brand’s commitment to maintaining a lightweight yet resistant product that does not hinder riding efficiency.

Innovation continues with the Active Debris Remover (ADR) feature, which is currently pending patent approval. It consists of a dust cover that is seamlessly incorporated into the pulley wheel, creating a barrier that encloses the bearing completely to keep out contaminants. The ADR is complemented by a bladed groove design on the pulley that actively ejects debris while the wheel spins, ensuring peak performance even in the most challenging terrains.

The OSPW X system is further refined with the Alpha Disc, a two-piece construction that combines the resilience of composite materials for the tooth profile, designed for longevity and noise minimization, with a robust aluminum disc that reinforces the pulley wheel. The integration of the aluminum disc is a deliberate design choice to eliminate the risk of derailment by preventing debris from entering the pulley spokes.

Hans Becking from the Buff-Megamo team put the Alpha Disc to the test at the Cape Epic, back in March. “At this year’s Cape Epic, we had crazy weather, a lot of rain. After so many brutal race days, I was really surprised by how good the Alpha Disc works. It’s a game changer for me,” says the Dutch national XCM champion. Guillem Alba, the team mechanic, agrees. “For the last six months, I have only done maintenance on them once – and they work perfectly.”, he says

Additional technical specifications

Diving into additional details of the OSPW X, we observe its assembly, which comprises a 14/20 tooth pulley wheel configuration. The inclusion of the 20-tooth lower pulley wheel stems from the manufacturer’s goal to minimize friction losses within the confines of the original factory cage size.

The cage is crafted from Injection Molded PA, paired with an aluminum disc that features co-molded ultra-durable composite teeth for the pulley wheels. CeramicSpeed’s decision to utilize their hand-built hybrid ceramic bearings, housed within stainless steel braces, is supported by the effectiveness of the ADR technology in safeguarding the bearings. The OSPW X system is tailored for SRAM 12-speed Eagle drivetrains and compatible with a 10-52 cassette range, with a weight of approximately 110 grams, a testament to the system’s lightweight construction.

The OSPW X is complemented by a full lifetime warranty, underscoring CeramicSpeed’s confidence in their system’s reliability and longevity. Riders will appreciate that the system enables them to keep their original chain length, simplifying the upgrade process.

With the introduction of the ADR technology, there is no need for coated bearings, as the ADR’s efficiency in protection is more than adequate to protect the high-quality bearings fitted in the OSPW X system. Moreover, the introduction of the fiber-reinforced composite material for the tooth profile ensures durability that rivals, and even exceeds, that of alloy alternatives. The stronger materials and updated design utilized in the new cage structure result in a system that promises greater solidity than its predecessors.

The introduction of this advanced drivetrain component positions CeramicSpeed as a pioneer in the industry, promising to deliver a harmonious blend of sturdiness and top-tier performance to cyclists eager to optimize their ride.

Photos: CeramicSpeed archives